WordPress is a content management system originally designed for bloggers to write articles for their websites. Since 2003 it has been enhanced considerably to become one of the most popular choices for website designers and business owners alike to support their online presence. It now powers over 60% of the content managed websites on the internet. (including this one)

As it’s one of the most popular website engines it is also one of the most targeted by those nasty hackers and internet demons who try to break your website for some bizarre reason unfathomable by most of us. So you need to make absolutely sure that your website is backed up on a regular basic and that all of your WordPress software is absolutely up-to-date with all of the very latest website updates, patches and fixes.

Your WordPress website needs maintaining

The world moves on without you. Like everything with computers, your WordPress website needs essential housekeeping; It needs to be looked after.

You need to make sure that you are running the latest version of the WordPress software, that all of your various themes and plugins are managed and that your article comments are monitored for spam. The most important aspect though is making sure that your WordPress website is backed up. Also that the backup is secure and that it’s done often.

Vulnerabilities can sometimes be found in third-party plugins and that’s where the problems can lie. These third party add-ons are sometimes superb, sometimes OK and sometimes quite poor. That is where the problem lies; you’ll never know until it lets you down, your site is hacked, or worst still lost forever.

WordPress Website Updates

One of the great aspects of a WordPress website is that all of the various components of your site may be updated without your knowledge.

Nearly every website designer that uses WordPress as their foundation, also uses third party themes, plugins and extensions to build their website.

All of these components are being maintained by their own developers and as updates are made available, you need to make sure that they work with your website, but also that you install them.

Clarke Design can do this all automatically for you from just £95 per website per annum

We can monitor your website for you and implement these updates to make sure that you always have the latest software running your business website.

These updates may give you additional features, provide bug fixes or implement security patches – so it’s very important to always be as up-to-date as you can.

WordPress Website Backups

Most importantly, we will back up your website content for you. This isn’t the design we’ve created for you, we mean we’ll backup the actual content, pages, articles, media and settings. This is what makes your website ‘your website’. Without content your website is just an empty shell.

Your website content is the most important part of your website, so make sure that you back it up regularly.