Didn’t my son say he can do a website for us?

How many times must we hear the phrase “I’ve asked my son to design my website” before people start to realise how dangerous this can potentially be to your online business.

The Scenario

You’re in business and you need to create a corporate presence online for yourself. You have a number of choices.

Most people will call in a professional website design team to create a new website or update their existing one.

Sadly though when numbers and figures for how much it will cost start to be talked about, some people start to think that they can do this cheaper. Certainly they can do it cheaper themselves.

“Didn’t my son say he can do a website for us?”


So why not ?

Do we need to spell this out for you. Sadly it seems that we do.

Your sons and daughters are lovely people and sure they may have many skills and talents, but is website design one of them?

Are you letting them loose with your online business because they are cheap (or free) or because they have many years of internet and design experience ?

Think about this for a moment.

This is YOUR business online. Your customers and potentials will be looking at your website and choosing whether or not to do business with you.

You just simply cannot risk this just in case you upset your son or daughter who would really like to have a play with your website.

Your website is far too valuable an asset to play with.


“OK but I’ve got this mate who says he can do it for less” – STOP

Have you listened to anything we’ve said here.

They fall into the same category as your sons and daughters.

If they have many years experience building corporate websites for many other people, sure trust them with your site.

If not walk away now.


It’s all about experience.

You must choose someone who has many years website design and development experience to build your corporate website.

If you don’t, how will they know which are the right technologies to choose for you?

Do they understand website design standards and cross browser compatibility ?

Are they designing your business website with some £29 software from PC World ?

That may be great for designing your home photo gallery to show granny but it’s hardly right for an online business website.

So who then?

Trust us, we’ve seen far too many people choose their children or friends based solely on price and not because they are the best, most experienced person to create them a website.

Creating a website is not about having a computer and some software. It is about many years of experience, using the right tools and technologies and implementing these in the best manner possible for YOUR website.
Do yourself, your business and your website a favour and let a professional website design company create, design, develop, engineer and maintain this vital business asset.

Yes it will cost you more in the short term, but will provide you with so many more benefits in the long term.