Sure, it’s simple — but the wildly-popular website creation platform might not be the best tool for your online business.

Building a website for your business can be overwhelming, especially if you’re trying to do it yourself.

In recent years, a lot of online tools have appeared on the market so that budding entrepreneurs feel they can use them when it comes to the technical component of setting up an online business.

If you’ve spent any amount of time in the online business world, it’s a safe bet that you’ve at least seen an advert or three for one (or several) of these online website builder services.

Typically, they promise that their services are so easy to use that even the most technically challenged people can get a business website up and running within just a couple of hours.

And they’re actually not wrong.

All these tools are incredibly simple to use — however, they often come with a lot of drawbacks, as well.

We’re going to focus on Wix, since it seems to have such a strong presence in the online world. Wix has been around since 2006 and has built quite a following during that time.

While Wix is a fantastic tool for quickly setting up a personal blog or brochure-style website, the number of shortcomings associated with the tool make it unsuitable for a professional business.

And here’s why…

It will cost more than you think

While Wix offers a free plan, it’s absolutely not suited for anything professional.

For one thing, you’ll need to use a website address ( You’ll also be required to display Wix adverts on your website, and you’ll be stuck with a limited set of functionality.

In order to remove this branding, use your own website domain name, and unlock the full functionality of the platform, you’ll have to pay for a premium plan.

These premium plans start from just £7 per month, through to £27 per month. (correct as of November 2019)

This may not sound too expensive in the grand scheme of things. However, it’s still considerably more than what you would pay for a typical shared hosting plan from Clarke Design or other hosting companies.

This can add up to quite a significant investment over time.

Forever is such a long time

Remember too, that you’ll have to pay this price forever, every single month for as long as you want your business website. If you want a Wix website, you’ll be paying them monthly forever just to rent it from them.

It’s not optimised for search engines

Wix has always had a very negative reputation among the professional Search Engine Optimisation community. However, to its credit, Wix has come a long way in the last few years — although it’s still not quite up to scratch for most business’s needs.

Several years ago, Wix was a total joke and included lots of its own bizarre and proprietary features.

While Wix has greatly improved upon all these shortcomings, a number of significant problems still remain, including site speed and code bloat.

  • In 2018, Wix websites were some of the slowing loading websites throughout the internet.
  • A recent study found that Wix performed at the very bottom of over 25 content management systems.
  • Even the simplest Wix website pages use thousands of lines of code where a handcrafted, equivalent page would use maybe a hundred.

All of this will increase your site and page load times and result in deceased search engine ranking.

Like the Hotel California; You can never leave

If you ever find that your online business has outgrown the Wix platform, or should you decide to move to another provider for any reason, you’ll be right out of luck.

While custom built websites can be easily transported to different providers, with Wix there is currently no way to export your website and data to another platform.

According to the Wix Help Center:

Your Wix site and all of its content is hosted exclusively on Wix’s servers, and cannot be exported elsewhere.

Specifically, it is not possible to export or embed files, pages or sites, created using the Wix Editor or ADI to another external destination or host.

If you embed a site into an external location, Wix is no longer in control of the way that your site appears or functions, and therefore, cannot provide support. In addition, Google Analytics and search engine crawlers are not able to work properly with an embedded site.

So, what are your choices: You have only two. Stay put with Wix or start again.

This is kind of ridiculous for any business and keeps you tied into their site designer.

Unless you are really, really in love with Wix and have no desire to ever expand your website or explore other solutions, we’d suggest that you look elsewhere for your website needs.

Your business website is far too important to risk in this way.

You don’t own your website!


This is the number one reason and the most important reason to look for another solution when developing a website for your business.

When creating a site with Wix, you won’t own your website. You won’t own your design. You’re simply one of thousands of subscribers to the Wix platform, which you are granted a revocable license to you.

In fact, Wix makes you agree to all of this upon signing up for its services. However, you probably haven’t read any of that small print have you?

If Wix ever goes insolvent, decides to take down their online platform, or removes certain templates / features / functionalities or anything else they choose, you’ll have no alternative except to move onto whatever Wix has decided to do instead.

Or you’ll be left alone with nowhere else to go.

As a business owner, you never want to be this reliant upon some external company over which you have absolutely no control.

You are on your own

As your online business grows, there will come a time when you want to have a few more features, or maybe you now want to get some help with the site as it has proven useful and a valuable part of your business

If you ever go to a website designer and ask them to update your website and then tell them that you use Wix, they will most likely turn you down.

Professional website designers just cannot work with the limited tool set that Wix provides. They dictate how to do certain things and only give you the tools that they want to. They have control and if they decide to change something, tough, you’ve got to live with it.

Imagine turning the tables and your website designer told you that they couldn’t do something for you on your business website because of the system they had chosen. How mad would you be? Welcome to Wix.

You are not a website designer

Remember, whatever you do in your business, you do that; you are not a website designer. Just because someone has invented a tool that convinces you to “have a go”, does not mean that you should.

You could go to your local DIY or hardware centre, hire lots of tools and materials and build yourself an extension on your house. Most people however choose to have a professional build one for them, as they have years of experience and whilst in the end it will cost you more money, it will also be just what you want, won’t break and you can get on with your daily job whilst they are building it.

Most people recognise that it is a false economy to do complex things themselves.

You are far better off employing a professional website design company to do it right whilst you focus on what you do well – running your own business.

False Economy

When people talk about the cost of a having a website built versus doing it themselves, they very seldom factor in the cost of their own time. Building a website yourself using Wix will take you time, you have a learning curve to overcome. How much money could you make in your business during that time? You should be focused on your business rather than reading online help manuals and searching for how to make that photograph fit on the page a bit better.

One of the best pieces of business advice we ever received is “If you can find a professional to do a job, better than you can do it, and you can continue to earn your income whilst they are doing it – DO IT”

Hidden Costs

The largest cost of using Wix for many business owners is the hidden one.

It’s the cost of websites built by people who may not know what makes a website really work, therefore it doesn’t get found, it doesn’t function well, or your visitors just close the site.

That lack of functionality is probably costing you your business.

You’ll spend a ton of time and effort building your website and then get no business from it.

Our Conclusion

The rise of all-in-one website builders like Wix has allowed more and more business owners (sadly with rather limited technical experience) to easily create websites in just a few hours.

Sadly however, these tools are just unsuitable for business needs.

Wix, does not meet the cost benefit, Search Engine Optimisation, flexibility, and ownership requirements that most modern-day business owners should require.

It is for that reason, we feel, that most of them would be better suited to alternative solutions.