There are so many websites to choose from and so many businesses going into administration, trust and reliability is always on peoples mind when purchasing online. If you don’t gain the trust of your online customers they won’t be willing to buy from you online. Websites that are out-of-date, have expired information on them, just don’t make you feel right about them. If there is any doubt in the mind of your customers, they will start to look elsewhere. So how do you reassure them that you can provide the products and services that they are looking for?

The best performing websites are always relevant, up-to-date, meaningful and appropriate. They in turn get rewarded by a higher conversion rate for their customers. So what can you do to make sure that your conversion rate increases?

Give Something Away For Free

Offering something for free is a great way for people to get to know you risk free. It can show the visitor what they could get when they purchase something from you. You are helping to start to build that essential trust with your customers.

Giving something away for free is a great incentive to customers and they’ll remember you for it. You too naturally benefit from this as you’ll receive in return the contact details from them, so that you can keep them informed about your product and services.

  • If you sell products, can you offer any kind of free sample?
  • What about a trial period for one of your services?
  • Free home visit or quotation?
  • Give free advice, maybe in the form of a PDF download
  • An informational video with hints and tips

These all allow the customer to benefit from something for free and allows you to show off that you are the expert at what you do.

Clarke Design offer Free Website Reviews – We demonstrate our skills at website design and our customers benefit from some constructive comments and great feedback about their website.

Make Your Visitors Fall in Love With You

Keeping your website updated and fresh is essential for so many reasons. It also shows that you are still alive and doing what you do. If people think that your website hasn’t been updated for many months, they’ll start to have doubts. Doubts are bad and start to erode trust.

If you add fresh and engaging content often to your website, people will want to check back with you often. In this world of social media, they will also start to follow you, and share you with their friends and colleagues. If people are talking about you, then clearly they like you. The more they talk about you better.

Make Yourself Memorable

You need to make yourself memorable for all of the right reasons. You’ve heard of the phase “going viral” means that everyone is talking about it on the internet. If you can crack this nut, great – just make sure it’s for the right reasons.

Do something with your website or content that will make it memorable. Just make sure that whatever you do has your website address on it, so they they know who is responsible for it.

Slowly over time you will start to build the trust of your potential customer and visitors. They’ll start to trust you more each day and start to fall in love with your website.