Website design is like kitchen design. Honestly, please read on…

Imagine that you want a new kitchen in your home and you say to a kitchen designer, “how much would it be for a new kitchen?”. What would you expect them to say?

They’d naturally need to know what type of kitchen you want; what style, how big it needs to be, what colour, the type of appliances, how many cabinets. In addition, they may usually ask you for your budget.

If you have £1000 to spend on your kitchen, there is no point is getting quoted for a £20,000 kitchen. It’s just not what you want, and you will be shocked at the price. Thus you won’t buy it. You’ll probably not buy anything from them as you think that they can only provide you with high-end kitchens that cost £20,000.

The reverse is also true. If you ask for a kitchen quote and they say £1000, you might think that this sounds far too cheap. You were in the market for the kitchen of a lifetime and have a budget of £20,000. You now think that the quality of their kitchens is inferior and cheap, so again you do not want one of their kitchens.

The kitchen supplier can provide all types of kitchens to meet all kinds of budgets; to them a kitchen is a kitchen. They just use different quality components, fittings, accessories and appliances to keep within your budget. You may have less choice because you have less budget, but that’s only natural. It’s all about the time and effort that has been put into everything that goes into making the kitchen.

Website design is no different

When you ask, “how much would it be for a new website?”, you need to be much more precise in what you are asking for. You need to detail all your requirements so that we can be accurate in quoting for the website that you want.

If we just make assumptions, then the website we think you want and thus the price will not be right, and you may think that we are too dear or too cheap for what you were expecting. Helping us to understand your budget, helps us to quote for your website appropriately.

Please also don’t think that just because you say your budget is £20,000 that we will just quote at that price point. That’s not how we work. All we are doing when you tell us your budget is understanding how much you have to invest in your online business.

We can then use this budget to help quote you appropriately and to help set realistic goals.

So instead of asking “how much would it be for a new website?”, why not say “I have £1000 to invest in my online business, can I get this set of requirements within my budget?”