Clarke Design are serious about maximising the full potential of your website, and as such we believe that a hand-crafted website is far superior to using website design programs that only do half a job.

Hand Crafting

We’re convinced that hand-coding a website is an essential skill that every website designer and developer should adopt.

Here’s why…

  • It gives your greater knowledge
  • It allows far greater control
  • It stops you being restricted

If you’re considering employing a website designed, as them how they will create your website. Will they hand craft it specifically for you, or just use a generic software packages.

Coding Everything

We are not trying to say here that you should hand-code every single website completely from scratch, that would be like reinventing the wheel.

Having the ability to handcraft though, gives you the ability to completely focus and tailor what you are doing and allows you to create exactly what you need.

Greater Knowledge

By far the biggest advantage of hand-coding a website, rather than letting software do it for you, is that you know exactly what’s going on.

In order to hand-code, you have to know the languages you are using in great detail. HTML, CSS, Java etc.

Some website editing software packages use their own proprietary add-ins. You may not understand where this code is coming from, why it works, and how to fix it when it goes wrong.

Greater Control

When you use a website editing software package you simply don’t get the same level of control as hand crafting.

Every time we produce a new website we determine exactly the best style for the page skin. Sure this can take a little longer than just picking a template from the ‘new website wizard’, but this is like cutting corners on the foundation of a project. get it wrong here and you will pay for it later.

Hand-coding allows you to be more efficient in your design, only using the components you need and not ‘bloating’ the site with things that the editing software needs but your website doesn’t.

Modern website software is getting better, but no website editor comes close to creating the same quality of pages as those of a skilled hand-coder.
Greater speed

Clarke Design is certain that it’s faster to create finished, tidy websites by hand-coding than it is to use a software package to do the same.

By learning the editor and all of the keyboard shortcuts. By creating a library of code snippets and reusable assets. By choosing the editing tools that we use carefully.


Naturally creating a hand-crafted website does depend on two things: The quality of the tool, and the skills of the designer using it.

Modern visual website editor have their place and sure we do use them from time to time as appropriate.

However to truly excel at any discipline you have to go beyond the tools that you are using and learn the trade.

Anyone can pick up clay and use a potter’s wheel, but how many can turn a beautiful hand crafted vase?