Many businesses aren’t ready to invest in the Internet and only want to spend a small amount on their online presence.

They look for a company that can produce them a £99 website with two pages and a templated design and think that they are doing everyone the world of good.

They’ve saved some money, got a shiny new website and obviously everyone will now flock to it by the bus load and start doing business with them – WRONG WRONG WRONG

It’s a false economy to only spend so little on your business website.

Remember that people are looking at your business website without your knowledge and are making a judgement about you and your company. If they cannot find what they are looking for, think that you are a one man band, look cheap or any other excuse, they’ll close your website faster than you can ever comprehend and go to the next one in the Google search results (that’s if you actually appear in the search results which is unlikely)

They are making a decision whether or not to do business with you based on your £99 website without you evening knowing it. Turn the tables on this. Would you be running to do business with a company who you were not quite sure about? That looked like they didn’t care about their online customers. That just had one or two pages about their range or products and services.

You need to invest

Your business online is an investment that you should not take lightly.

Sure, we know that you are not going to spend many thousands on pounds on your first website, but what you should be doing is spending enough on it to make sure that it works for you right from the start.

It needs to look like you’ve invested in it and not spend £99 having a cheap website, with no useful information on it.

Does it work on mobile devices? Does it have enough information on it to talk about everything that you do or sell?

You need to make sure that your website can grow as your business grows. Make sure that you discuss this with your website developer right from the outset, otherwise you might find that your website cannot scale up as you want it to and you end up wasting money having parts of it redesigned as your business grows.

Are you doing all the work?

The less you pay for a website, the more work you’ll find yourself doing. Lets face it, “time is money” so if you are paying someone £99 for a new website, you are not going to get much of their time dedicated to looking after your online business.

Compare a website to having a new kitchen. You can go down to the local DIY warehouse, get a brochure, design the kitchen, buy the parts, hire the van, pack it, unpack it, unload it, build it, redesign it…. or you could go to a kitchen designer who will do it all for you.

Sure you’ll pay more for the kitchen designer, but you’ll have a kitchen to die for. Not something that after 3 months you are disappointed with, that’s OK buy not really what you wanted. It won’t last as long, took you a lot of personal time to build and will never, ever be as good as the professional designer could have created.

You probably also did something that wasn’t legal, and sadly as you don’t know what you don’t know – you’ll only ever find this out when the law catches up with you. But hey that’s OK – think of all the money you’ve saved !!!


So in conclusion, invest in your online business – it will pay you back many times over if you do.

It’s a false economy to focus solely on the cost of a website and think that cheap is better. It never, ever is.