Unless you have a half page website and have de-listed it from every major search engine, you are getting business from your website. You just don’t know it.

Whilst you might not think that you are getting any business from your website, not having a website will certainly do your business more harm than good.

If you have your website address on your business card, van, shop, invoice or quotation; trust us that people are using your website to determine whether or not to do business with you.

People will never ring you up and say “I’ve just looked at your website and want to do business with you because of it”.

They may however think “Why don’t these people have a website? Think I’ll go and find someone else that does” – sadly these people will never do business with you and it’s because you don’t have a website. Sader still is that you’ll never know. They aren’t going to ring you up and tell you that they are not choosing you as a business because you don’t have a website, they just don’t call you. Trust us though, they are doing this.

How do People Find you?

People may find you and your business website from many other sources; They’ve met you and you handed them your business card, they followed your van down the road, they saw your advert in the local newspaper, they walked passed your shop…

Whatever way they used to find out about you (and of course each of these ways has your website address on it – don’t they !!) they are now checking you out in their own time, behind your back. They are having a look at your website. It’s just human nature; we all do it. We think about doing business with someone and we go to find out more about them from their website under our terms and when we have a spare 10 minutes to do so.

People will always check out your website as part of the process of deciding to call you. If you don’t have one, they will usually look elsewhere.

I’ve Just found your website…

We get phone calls all the time form people who call us and say “Hi, I’ve just found your website online, can I talk to you about…”

Well yes of course you’ve just found our website. Then when we talk to them, they didn’t just type in “Website Design in Cheshire”, they typed in our website address because they saw an advert, have been handed a business card at a networking event or something else.

So people are finding and using our website because we’ve already met them or are promoting it via some other means.

They are doing this with your website as well. It’s just stupendously hard to track this.

Promote Your Website

May we ask how you promote your website? What have you done to tell people that it exists?

Sitting back and just waiting for people to find you on Google is one strategy that will have very limited results. You have to wait until someone decides that they need what you offer, type the right thing into a search engine, find your website amongst the many that are listed, then click the link, then find the services or product within your website. Bored Yet? This strategy is just far too hit and miss to allow your business to rely on it.

You need to be proactive and target the people who want what you have to offer. Ram your services and products down their neck and make sure that they are in no doubt that you can help them out.

Trust us though, you need a website

So no matter what you think of your website, trust us when we say that without it your business will go down.

We’ve seen this from bitter experience from some of our customers who say that they have had no business from their website and can they close it down. They do so and then within 6 months they are back on the phone asking us to turn their website back on again, because the phone has stopped ringing and they’ve got no new business. Apparently people thought that they had gone out of business… Go figure ??

People will look for you online, or at your business card or advert and when they can’t find out more about you via your website – they will rightly assume that you are not serious about your business. They’ll be off to one of your competitors who does have a website faster that you can say ‘traitor’. So make sure that your website is available 24/7, is up-to-date and contains fresh and engaging content.