We’re glad that we keep reading about the design trends for 2015 for website design. We’re also glad because we’ve been doing many of them for a while now, which means that we are ahead of the game.

Design elements that made their mark in 2014 will keep their prominence in 2015. As many know, there have been many killer trends in web and graphic design industry last year, but as we look ahead there are some predictions to look forward to in 2015.

1) The Letterbox Look

Filmmakers got this idea years ago. Now, the wide format or ‘letterbox’ look is all the rage with photography and websites. New screen sizes are driving new image proportions. For website designers, this means working with different sized spaces, which also means more creativity — we like that.

2) Responsive Design

It has already become a standard for website design in today’s world as Internet device usage has changed over recent months. An increasing number of users will take to browsing on the Internet via their handheld or mobile devices, which would naturally mean that the importance of responsive design continues to grow in 2015. You know how difficult it is to get the attention of users on your website, and if it is not responsive and user friendly on the various mobile devices, then you are only alienating these potential customers. Website designers don’t have to look at different designs for different devices and users won’t have to contend with monotonous websites for their individual mobile devices.

3) Increased use of flat design

Flat design is definitely not a new concept but its significance will enhance further in 2015 as the emphasis will be on keeping things simple. Patterns, textures, shadows, gradients and bubbles that are passé will give way to simple and flat design. Again the impact of people using handheld devices to surf the Internet shows because designers will have to bring up interfaces that are simplistic and look smart on flat screens as well. One of the highlights of Flat Design is that it takes you back to the days of solid design and that’s definitely a good thing. After all, web design should be rated based on how it works loads and being user friendly. Flat design works well on all these counts.

4) Longer pages and more scrolling

The trend for bulky websites that break the information into several pages seems to be leaving us. Users today want to scroll down to find all the information you offer on a single page. It is true that multi page websites have a greater potential for the benefits of search engine optimisation, and you have to realise that single page websites are making their mark with smartphone and tablet users today. It’s not as easy as put your whole website into one huge homepage however, and you need to decide how and if to do this carefully. Website esigners will not be able to include all of the elements that would bring them SEO benefits however it is appealing to a large number of users to have this look.

5) Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling are techniques are popping up all over the internet and they cannot be overemphasized. A great website design is one that gets talked about. Currently one of the newest trends that have made a big impression is parallax scrolling. It certainly has a wow factor, which is seen on a website’s front page, and that’s why there are many websites that have already switched to it. This design element is ideal for storytelling and you can also show different backgrounds and objects moving around at different speeds. It thus creates an impressive visual display that will wow your audience.

6) Big, gorgeous background images and videos

Another design feature that will definitely make its presence felt in 2015 is large and beautiful background images and videos. You can have an appealing and relevant image with call to actions and important information that is overlayed on the top of a well chosen photograph or video. It will help to get the attention of your visitors instantly. It makes a lot of sense for mobile users because they see images on their phones over tricky to read text.

So 2015 has a few great things in the world of website design to look forward to. What trends are you going to follow and which will you dismiss?