Do you get frustrated by websites that show out of date or irrelevant information. What if this was your website? Are your customers and potential clients frustrated by the information on your website ?

Website Automation – Making it Happen

It’s just so last week

There is nothing worse on a website that finding out that you’ve just missed that superb bargain. That the offer you’ve just got so excited about ran out yesterday. To find that the regulations you are reading about changed three years ago.

You’ve just spent 10 minutes getting all excited about an event that you’ve been waiting months to find, only to notice that it was last week.

There is absolutely no excuse whatsoever (other than sheer laziness) for a website to show out of date information

So what about your website. Is it up to date? Is it relevant? How can you make sure it is ?

Automation is the answer !

So what is Automation?

Automation is making a website do something for you automatically. You don’t have to be there to have a website change something on your behalf.

This means that the website sorts out what to deliver to your visitor. It’s means you can be off doing something constructive on your business like winning more business or dealing with customers instead.

You don’t have to remember and worry to update your website at one minute past midnight, because a download is no longer relevant or your special offer has just run out.

The website site knows that something is no longer appropriate and amends it for you.

So what can Automation do?

Time is always changing, there’s nothing you can do about it and websites always know what time it is.

So how can this help you?

Well a website can work out that an specific time is in the past, like an event, training course, concert, or meeting. If it’s in the past, don’t show it – simple.

This sounds so mind numbing simple doesn’t it? But how many websites have you visited that show lots of out of date information?

Make sure your website is different by only showing events that are in the future.

Time can do so much:

  • Show when something was last updated
  • Latest documents and releases
  • Most recent news and what’s new

It’s not just for dates

Automation is not just for dates though. It can do so many other things for you.
It can remember your login name so you don’t have to retype it in every time.

It could display a random item; customer testimonial, random image, random product or offer.

It can keep track of stock, so that when you’ve sold out the website stops people ordering it or displays “call our store” instead.

It can determine your best sellers in your online shop automatically for you.
How about even just saying “good morning” or “good afternoon” on your site?

Time is Endless

The uses for automation are almost limitless. All you have to do it work out what you want automated and ask your website designer to sort it out once for you.

Give it a go and show your online customers that you care by giving them timely and relevant information.