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Here are the top 5 items that we see time and time again that people just don’t seem to get.

1) Do it Yourself

DIY websites are great for yourself, your hobby or your pet cat, but not for your online business. If you want to succeed online you must invest in a professional website design company to design, build, engineer and host your website for you.

Most of the poor websites that we see are clearly homemade and fall down on so many levels. If you have 15 years experience in building websites, sure have a go yourself. If you don’t then find someone who does, otherwise your self made website will be doing your business more harm than good.

We see this so often we have a few articles dedicated to it:

2) Not Building for Multiple Browsers

There are so many website browsers and different versions now that you can hardly work out the number of permutations. You need to ensure that your website has been designed by someone who tests their website designs on many different computer types using the most popular website browsers.

The biggest culprit here is usually Microsoft Internet Explorer in that it just differs in how it displays many websites.

Make sure that you have a website design that works on all of the latest versions of modern browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Google Chrome)

You may then also want to design a website using responsive design so that your website caters for smaller screen sizes too, including tablets and smart phones.

3) Home Page is an About Page

So many times we see really poor content on home pages. Talking about how long they have been in business and how they started in their spare bedroom with nothing more than notepad. We Don’t Care. Your home page reads more like an about page.

You need to talk about what you can do for your audience, how you can solve their problems, what it is they are looking for that you can help them with. Move your personal and company history to an about page and start to talk on your home page about the benefits you can offer.

4) Still Using Hotmail

Why do so many people who have purchased a website domain name (the www bit), designed a website, hosted it… Then still use their Hotmail (or other freebie) email address instead of using something professional and that is associated with their website ?

Using an email address that is related to your website also helps to portray a more professional online presence.

Which email address looks and sounds better ? or ?

This usually happens when someone tries to do it themselves and doesn’t know how to setup new email accounts.

5) Outdated Information

There is nothing worse on a website that finding out of date information. Tickets for last Saturday, latest news that is 4 years old, even the copyright year at the bottom of every page that isn’t the current year.

Dates can so easily be automated on a well designed website so that something that is out of date is automatically removed. Something as simple as “we’ve been in business 6 years” should be automated so that every year it changes and is always correct.

If you’ve got no new news, we strongly suggest you find some – otherwise your online visitors will start to think that you are no longer in business.

Take time to review your own website and sort out the simple things. Then ask Clarke Website Design Ltd to undertake a Free Website Review for you to really find out the details of what will make your website shine.