Search Engines are like taxis; they just deliver you to somewhere, usually somewhere you have asked to go.


You ask your taxi driver to take you somewhere and off you go. However when you get there and the taxi driver drops you off outside your destination, you then have to go inside.

Search engines do exactly the same. They deliver you to the front door of a website, but you then have to go in once you get there, you have to click on a few links to get to the good stuff inside the website you’ve been delivered to.



Sadly when the taxi drops you off outside the restaurant you are booked in to, you might look at the outside and think, “Yuk! – I don’t like the look of that place”, so you pop over the road and go into another restaurant instead. First impressions count so much.

Your website is exactly the same. Search engines may well be delivering people to your virtual front door, but how many people actually come in. How many people look at your website and think “Yuk! – I don’t like the look of that place”, and pop over to the next website in the search results. Probably to one of your competitors.

Investing in search engine optimisation alone is not enough. You must invest in your website as well.

You must make sure that when people are delivered to your website, that they like what they see, can find what they want and can find out how to “come in” and do business with you.

SEO without the Design

So many people with poorly designed websites, come to us and ask us to help with their search engine ranking.

They might ask us to create them a Pay Per Click campaign, driving lots of traffic to a feeble web page that really wouldn’t convert a single visitor into a paying customer.

You are wasting your money if you just drive people to your website, but then they never come in.

Search Engine Optimisation and website design need to go hand-in-hand. They need to work together to drive people to your beautiful website and then to convert them into paying customers. One without the other is just a waste of time.

Look at your website and try to ask yourself, “If I visited this website for the first time, would I honestly buy anything from it?”. Ask “Would I call this company based on their website alone?”

Be honest with yourself. Good enough is not good enough. You have a lot of competition out there and you need to stand out from Joe Average.

So remember, when you are asking the “Google Taxi” to bring some visitors to your online front door, make sure that your kerb appeal is a good as it can be and entices visitors to ‘come on in’…