Searching using the major search engines is all about what people are searching for. Know this and you’ll rank well. Make assumptions and you are risking a great deal.

So you think you’re at the top of Google do you? Really?

You type in your company name and there you are; position number one at the top of the search results.

Sounds pretty good. You think that you’ve got a well optimised website and that your customers and potential customers are finding your website and will be phoning you shortly to put some business your way.

So why is no one calling you saying “I was just looking at your website…”?

Simply put – You are NOT at the top of the search engines, you just think that you are.

Searching for What?

So why when you search for yourself are you top of the list but when your customers search for you, you’re not.

Simple. You are looking for your company name so hopefully you would be top of the list. After all how many other companies are called “Rivermud Consultancy Services”. If you weren’t at the top of the search results for your company name, then something has definitely gone very wrong.

The trouble is that people who know who you are, will probably know your website address as well and won’t be using search engines to find you.

Search engines are only really useful for people who don’t know who you are but are looking for what you can provide.

They are looking for the services and products you sell not for your company name.

They won’t be typing in your company name, they’ll be typing in the services they want and that you provide. They’ll type in “computer consultancy in Portsmouth”, “sun tan salons in Solihull”, “lead roofing in London” or whatever else they are looking for.

These are the phrases and keywords you need to optimise your website for.

So when someone says that they are top of Google, ask them “what for?”