We hear it all the time that people can’t find their website using Google.

Their website has just been launched and they were waiting for the success they’d heard so much about to start rolling in.

If you rely solely on search engines to get traffic to your website, your online business will fail

Think about it. How many website pages do you think Google looks after? If you thought about 8 billion, well done.

So your little 15 page website is rather a drop in the ocean isn’t it.

Google (and all of the other major search engines) is doing it’s best to keep up, but you are in a queue – remember everyone else wants their website in there as well.

Even if it processes several thousand pages a minute, it’s going to take a bit of time to get around to finding your website and adding it to the list.

So you really need to be patient.

Stop Relying on Search Engines

If you rely solely on search engines to get traffic to your website, your online business will fail.

Search engines are reactive. You have to wait for someone to type something into a search engine, find your website and then click on ot. Rather optimistic isn’t it.

You are far better off using traditional marketing tactics to let everyone know about your website.

  • Tell everyone you know; customers, suppliers, friends, neighbours, their friends, relatives, your team, the bloke down the pub, everyone
  • Use normal advertising; newspapers, magazines, radio, television (if budgets allow)
  • Use social media; facebook, twitter, linked in
  • Use Email marketing – try www.clarkemarketing.co.uk
  • Use other ideas; back of you car, banners, posters, get some sponsors, sponsor something
  • Update your company stationery and make sure you have your website address on it (we’re always amazed that some people miss their website address off their invoices, statements and even business cards)
  • Stick it on the bottom of every email you ever send

All that said, search engines are a very important part of your overall marketing plan, so do spend some time with them as well – just don’t rely solely on them.