Are you paying for an SEO (search engine optimisation) company to improve the ranking of your website in the major search engines? Are they performing? Do you want to know how to check up on them?

Are you getting the best from your Search Engine Optimisation company?

Your Keywords and Phrases

Keywords and phrases are the single most vital thing in any SEO campaign.

Did your SEO company analyse the market for you and determine the viability of the phrases they are using throughout your website.

You may have the most optimised website for ‘left handed spanners’ but if no one is typing this phrase into a search engine, then you are wasting your time, effort and money.

You must target phrases that people are actually typing into the major search engines and then use these throughout your website.

Only then will your website SEO strategy be a success.

If your SEO company did not do this for you, what are they optimising your website for?

Check on the Basics

You can easily check up on the basics that your SEO team should be tweaking and refining.

Check the following items on your website to make sure that they are at least getting the basics right.

Page Titles

All of your page titles should be well defined, contain your keywords and phrases and should ideally be different on each of your site pages.If your page titles are the same on every page, search engines won’t rank you quite as high.

Image ALT

Every image needs to be explained to a search engine. Just because we humans can recognise an image as an accountant or a monkey, doesn’t mean that a search engine can.So we need to provide ‘alternative’ text to explain to the search engines what an image is.

When you hover over an image with your mouse, a small ‘tip’ will be displayed explaining what this image is. If nothing displays, your SEO people have missed a vital trick.

Text for Graphics

Sometimes website designer like to use fancy graphics in place of text. There is nothing wrong with this, so long as the text is explained to the search engines.In the same way as for photographs, textual graphics need to be explained to the search engines.


Headings are vitally important to search engines. They help them to determine what is important on a page and the more important something is, the more it is used in ranking your pages.This can be hard to determine without looking at the underlying HTML code of your website.

What you are looking for here is <h1>some title</h1>

This is a top level heading and every page should have one and only one.
If you haven’t got one then you are missing out. If you have more than one top level heading, you’re just going to dilute your ranking.

Website Links

All of your website links should also be descriptive and ideally have explanations (hover over them to see this).Again, these are basic things that every website designer and SEO company should be doing to maximise your impact.

Alarm Bells

If any of the above items has started to ring alarm bells, your SEO company may not be doing quite enough to improve your website ranking.

If they are not doing the absolute basics for your website, why are you paying them every month?

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