There has been a lot of panic, exaggerated news articles and blog posts about Google’s new algorithm update. However, we’re here to set things straight, read our q and a to find out what is really happening and how your website will be affected by the update.

Questions and Answers

1. What is an algorithm and why does it matter?

Google serves what it feels are the most relevant websites for your search query in the quickest time possible and to do so it uses an algorithm (a complex equation). The algorithm will look at content, images, videos, mobile usability, site/page quality and much more.

2. Will my rankings be affected on every platform?

No. The update will only affect the mobile search rankings. This update is set out to provide the best user mobile experience by serving the best mobile websites for the search query.

3. Will this update impact my whole website?

No. The algorithm will take into account any pages that are mobile friendly and rank them higher then pages that are not. If some pages are mobile friendly but the rest of the site isn’t then those pages will rank higher then the rest of the site.

4. How can I test if my pages are mobile friendly?

You can use Google’s free testing tool, Mobile-Friendly Test. Just insert the website address of the page you wish to test and it will provide you with a prompt analysis.

5. My mobile friendly website won’t be ready until after the 21st of April, what can I do?

Google will crawl and index your mobile friendly site time and time again, so no need to worry.

If you need to tell Google about you site manually, just ask your website designer and they can guide you through the process.

6. Will my rankings change immediately after the algorithm update?

It could take a week or so before you see any real changes to your rankings if your website has been affected by the update.

7. Does Google rank websites based on how it was built?

It doesn’t matter what method you’ve chosen to create a mobile friendly website, Google will still consider your website mobile friendly as long as it’s allowed to crawl and index the site.

8. Will my website disappear from Google if it’s not mobile friendly?

Google’s main focus is to serve the most relevant result to a search query and so if a webpage contains real valuable information there is a good chance that it will still rank relatively high.

9. What should I do if my website is not mobile friendly?

Contact Clarke Website Design! We specialise in building mobile friendly and fully responsive websites. We can also upgrade your existing website to mobile friendly too.