Occasionally we hear some people saying to our dismay, “This website stuff doesn’t work. I’ve had this website built and no-one is visiting it”. Their site had just been launched and they were waiting for the success they’d heard so much about to start rolling in.

If you rely solely on search engines to get traffic to your website, your online business will fail

“I thought that when you put a website on the Internet, everyone sees it and the business just comes to you.”

There’s been so much talk about what a website can do for a small business that people think it’s so easy. Many people think that once a website goes live, that’s it. In reality, putting a site live is the start of a very long love affair with your site.

There are things you can do to ensure that if you build it, they will come. Basically, you need to start promoting and improving your site from day one and carry on for as long as it’s alive.

You must be patient

Online business doesn’t happen overnight. If it did everyone would be doing it and making their millions. You need to put a great deal of effort into your online business to get the most out of it.

Like any business, it will take time to grow. If your website is your business, then more so, especially if this is a new venture. People need to find out about your new venture. They won’t just magically find you and start buying from you. You need to market yourself and your website to them.

Your website is just one of hundreds of ways to market your business. There are many other traditional methods of advertising your website.

Work the search engines

If you rely solely on search engines to get traffic to your website, your online business will fail – simple.

Search engines are reactive; you just sit back and wait for business to arrive. This is where you plan to fail. You need to be proactive in your website marketing. Search engines are seen as the silver bullet, the magic key to unlock your online business. They are not. We’ll say it again, “If you rely solely on search engines to get traffic to your website, your online business will fail”.

Long live your site

Your ranking will get better over time. The longer you have a website the more trust people and search engines will give it. Think about it, who do you trust the most, the business that set up last week, or the business you’ve known for 10 years?

Sadly, there is nothing you can do to shift time in your favour unless you own a Tardis.

Link, link, and link again

You’ve got a site. I’ve got a site. Let’s make the most of each of them and do some more business. This will help you to get some more business from other established sites and search engines will like your site more because someone is linking to you.

It makes so much sense when you think about it. Why would someone link to you if you weren’t worth linking to. That’s why search engines add extra ranking value when people link to your website. Which links and from what sites though is a whole different article.

Make the most of your website name

Including your website address on your online and offline marketing materials is so stupendously important.

You need to tell everyone, at every conceivable opportunity about your website.
Every email you send out, every newsletter you print, your van, your shop, business cards, letterheads, invoices, answer-phone message, t-shirts… The list is endless – the benefits great.

Just remember. People will never visit your website if they don’t know its there. You need to tell everyone you know and tell everyone they know. Tell them often and never give up marketing your website.