As your business progresses, so do the various products and services that you offer. Slowly over time you begin to offer a wider range of services and trying to shoehorn all of those different services and products into one single website may not be the most appropriate way of communicating to your clients and customers.

Pros and Cons

Having one website allows your customers to know the one place that they should go to find out about you and what you can do for them.

Having different websites for the different services and products that you offer, allows you to concentrate on each specific area. These may not be the same though they are hopefully related to each other.

Another String to Your Bow

When you are considering adding another service offering for your business, you must ask yourself “does this fit in with my current online offerings. Should you add this onto your existing website or should you create a new presence?

We’ll give you an example

Clarke Website Design Ltd design websites. We have a dedicated website for this at – this website covers all things to do with creating websites.

When we started our email marketing facility, we had a simple choice to make. Add a couple of new pages to our existing website or create a brand new website to really give the new service offering the attention it deserves.

When we looked at the scale of our new offering, a separate website seemed obvious.

It wasn’t website design – this was email marketing, a new offering to our existing customer base but it was different enough to warrant a new website.

We were so glad we made this decision early on, as now we’ve just added our 50th page to this new website. Trying to force this many pages into an existing website would have just caused too much confusion and would dilute the existing website far too much.

Whilst email marketing is related to website design (a good looking email is a single page website) it is not website design so the new site was always the right way to go. Have a look at

Your Online Business

Do you have too many different products and services all diluting what you do on your website? Are you a bed and breakfast that also runs a cattery? A tanning salon that also provides weight loss solutions? A driving school for both teenagers and HGV drivers?

Think about your business and if you have different service offerings or are trying to target different audiences, then splitting your websites by having more than one will usually be the right way to go.

You can focus on a specific target audience, making sure that you are not diluting your offering to them and really focus in on delivering the benefits to the right people.

Naturally, you need to provide a good set of links between each website, just to make sure that if someone is looking for one service, that they are aware of the others.

Adding a single page will never work

Adding a single new page to an existing website for a completely new service will never work. You just don”t have enough space to really do your new service justice.

Sure if you currently make green widgets and are now offering red widgets, a new page is fine. If you now however, decide to sell thingamies as well, you need a new website dedicated to your new service.

Your new website can be branded the same as your current website, links provided between the two and search engines and customers targeted far better with a new website dedicated to the task.

In the long run, it will be a far better business decision to have an additional website than trying to squash everything into one overfull site.