Close your eyes and imagine using a design technique for your web site that increases page load time, encourages people to leave the site, confuses search engines, means that some people can’t even see your site and discourages repeat visitors. Did you imagine a splash page? You should have.


A splash page is an introductory page that gives your visitors an intro into your web site. These are usually written in Macromedia Flash or comprise of a single page asking a question or saying ‘click here’ or ‘enter site’.

1 in 4 visitors turn away

A splash page is like a book cover. It tries to lure visitors deeper into the site to view the real content. However, that’s an invitation that many visitors are happy to refuse. Web sites that use splash pages report that only 75% of their visitors click on the splash page and enter the site. This means 1 in 4 visitors do not enter your site.

Show me the money

Removing the splash page enables your visitors to get to your information swiftly and reduces their frustration. Your repeat visitors don’t want to have to wait for a movie they’ve seen before to show or click through three extra screens to get to your home page.

If you are going to have a splash screen, always give your visitors a choice of not seeing it and skipping on to the good part of the site, the information.

Now hold on a minute you may be asking yourself. Why give them a choice not to see that fantastic video presentation you’ve had made, it cost you a packet. Have you seen the light yet? Instead of wasting your hard earned money on something that 95% of web visitors will want to skip anyway, invest in something else instead.

Why are you giving your visitors two extra reasons not to find what they want. Your front page and your flash page are just extra reasons to hit that close button and move on to a competitors web site.

We don’t want search engines to find us anyway

If you don’t want search engines to spider your web site then fine, design a lovely splash page. Search engines don’t know what to do with most splash pages. They come across one and turn away to go and spider someone else’s site instead.

We don’t want repeat business

If you don’t want to keep your repeat customers, design a lovely splash screen. Your regular visitors don’t want to have to see your flashy movie every time they visit your web site. They want to get straight to your information. They are already hot leads into your site, they’ve come back for a reason, and now you are giving them a different reason not to bother in the future.

Do yourself a favour