So you think that you can design a website do you? Are you sure?

Just because you own a camera doesn’t make you a photographer

  • You need to know how to use the tools.
  • Then there is also which piece of kit to buy.
  • What about the various accessories.
  • Then there is the experience of composition, lighting, subject etc…

There is so much more to outstanding photography that just having the right kit.

Website design is just the same

Just because you’ve been to the computer shop and bought some software, doesn’t mean that you are suddenly a website design expert.

It’s unlikely that you’ll be thinking about website design standards. You won’t be considering intuitive navigation. Your site is unlikely to be optimised or to have been tested on many computing platforms and browsers. It’s amateur and you know it.

As for doing anything interactive, this probably stops at making a nice contact form.

You should be asking yourself “if I’ve got all this time on my hands to play with designing a website, am I running my business correctly?”

The answer is “no”

You should be doing what you are good at; the business that you are in.

You should be asking an expert in website design to create the website for you.

Sure its going to cost you some cash, but this is nothing compared to the business you are losing by having a poor, home-made business website.

You may think that you are saving yourself some money but this is so far from the truth. Your potential customers are judging your business from what they see online. If it’s not the best it can be, they’ll just close your website and go straight to your competition.

Do yourself and your business a favour. Invest in a professional website designer and your business will benefit so much more than trying to do it yourself.