Companies that have advertising budgets in the tens of thousands are reluctant to spend even a tenth of that on website development. More and more companies are handing the responsibility of designing their website themselves via someone already at the company, usually with no web development experience. They are heading for big trouble…

DIY or Professional · Which one are YOU?

Your Business Online

Bringing a corporate presence to the internet is a very important process. Anyone who thinks they can pass off something made with the latest DIY web software is going to fall by the wayside to companies with custom designed, unique sites that were professionally developed specifically for them. It’s a fact.

There are many people who “promote” themselves to be a web developer and start to design their company’s web presence.

They have no design experience and usually use last year’s copy of some free magazine software with its rubber-stamp, template-ridden code.

When is OK, OK?

Good design usually goes unnoticed for the most part however bad design is noticed by everyone.

The site appears “good enough” and is “OK” based on the amount of money the company has saved! Because very few people are good critics of their own work, they are usually quite proud of what they’ve created. Shame.

Is this site going to do well? Absolutely not.

Ultimately, the public will vote with their mouse and be off to a competitors website as fast as they can close a browser window.

Sometime in the future they are going to end up hiring someone who specialises in web development to start from scratch by building a professional web presence for the company and ditch the DIY disaster.

A Little Knowledge…

Another area of danger for the DIY enthusiast is that once they’ve had a professionally designed website they then decide that to maintain it themselves, usually in the interest of saving some money.

Can you put a price on the loss of customer trust that will result from broken links, misspelled words, bad grammar, missing images, pages that just don’t function or are no longer there anymore?

Budget for Maintenance

The biggest expense for most sites is the initial design itself. Once the website is done, the maintenance is very cost effective.

Sloppy maintenance can destroy a website.

DIY’ers usually call their website developer screaming and wanting to know why their website isn’t working properly anymore.
Not only does it cost more to repair these problems with the website there is no way of knowing how much business has been lost by customers fleeing from the site in despair.

Evolving Web Standards

Most people simply don’t have the detailed knowledge and current experience of a good website development company.

  • Most corporate websites are much more than a “brochure on the web” as they bring their storefront to people’s computer screens daily.
  • Most people judge sites based on other sites they’ve seen and used, as well as sites that sell similar products and services.
  • Most of all, they judge them by their appearance, function and content.
    If the site is incoherent, disorganised, and unprofessional, what are they going to think of the company behind it?