Do you know if your website is healthy? Is it doing what it should be doing and doing it well ? Keeping a keen eye on your website is vital for every business. Here are a few simple tips to keep your website fit and strong.

Top Tips to Make Sure Your Website is Healthy

The Basics

It not always the complicated things that are overlooked.

  • You don’t need to be different
  • It’s not rocket science
  • You don’t need to have a large budget
  • Though you do get what you pay for

The Website Design

Having a good looking website is important, though it’s not the most important aspect in its own right.

A good looking site design is very subjective, however there are always some common elements in all good websites. Ask some basic questions…

  • Is the site visually appealing?
  • Does it just look “professional”?
  • Does it portray the right business image?
  • Is the navigation intuitive?


Intuitive navigation is one of the most vital components for any website. If visitors can’t find what they want, your site is worthless. It’s pointless having lots of content if no one can find it.

This is very different from visitors finding what you want them to find.
Your navigation has to be intuitive. Keep it simple, easy to use and make sure that it remains consistent on every page.

Remember that a visitor may land on any single page within your website (from links and search engines) so you’ll need to make sure that they can get to somewhere else easily.

  • Every page must have good navigation!

The Technical Bit

Make sure that the absolute basics of the technical architecture are perfect:

  • No broken hyperlinks to missing pages
  • All images are available
  • Spell check your website and check your grammar
  • Check all of your page titles

Different Browsers

Did you know that there is more than one website browser?
There are many different pieces of software that your visitors can use to view your website and only a properly engineered website will work correctly on all of them.

This could just mean a few cosmetic differences, but it could also mean that parts of your website don’t work and you could be losing valuable business as a result.

Make sure that your website is built to website design standards so that it works for all of your visitors.


Is your website easy to read and digest.

  • Does it have too much or too little text?
  • Does it read well ?
  • Have you chosen sympathetic colours?
  • Do you use white space, headings, bullets?
  • Are you using a proven font for your text?
  • Is your text the right size?

Checking the basics of your website is key to creating a website that will just work. Go back to the start of your design process every so often to ensure that you are giving your website visitors the best site that they deserve.