So you think that you own your website do you? Are you sure? Really, really sure?

We get many people coming to Clarke Design asking us to take over their website maintenance and associated hosting.

When we come to getting hold of the website source files to transfer the website over to us, so often we find that the previous design company has used some kind of propriety software that they are not willing to part with.

You now have a problem and a major decision to make.

This means that whilst you, the customer, can have most of the website, usually the visual part, the part of the site that does the work, manages the content, sends an email, processes an order or does some vital calculation is usually part of your previous designers’ small print.

They’ll be happy to give you half of your website but that’s almost less than useless.

Your website won’t be complete at it’s new home. You are between a rock and a hard place. You want to move your website to a new provider but cannot. If you leave it where it is you’ll still get the poor service from the original designer, which is why you want to move your website away from them in the first place.

Or you can move it away to another website company and you’ll have to have half of it rebuilt or reengineered to get it to work at your new host.

Neither solution is satisfactory

You just want what is rightfully yours. You’ve paid for your website and took the advice of the initial website designer as to what technology you were being given. You never thought to ask “what if I want to move m website to someone or somewhere else?”

You Have Little Choice

Sadly there’s not much you can do.

Your best option is to leave your current designer and use a company who designs websites using open technology, that is portable to another website designer and hosting company should you ever need to. “Yes” of course Clarke Design is one of these companies.

Whilst we design and engineer websites using the latest and most appropriate technology and languages, this is fully portable to other hosting companies should you choose to.

We give you all of what is rightfully yours and what you have paid for. The only question is “how can we change your mind should you decide to leave us?”

Ask this vital question

So if you are considering having a new website built, make absolutely sure that you ask “who owns the entire website and how portable is it to someone else should I choose to move it away from you”.

If you don’t like the answer, consider choosing another website designer.