We like competition. We like to think that businesses have a choice for who they use to develop their businesses online. It’s only fair after all as this exists in many other area; you don’t always go to the same supermarket for your weekly shop.

So it’s refreshing to see other website designers out there. Sadly there are many poor companies too, so how can your be sure that you are choosing the right one for YOUR business.

Here are a few simple ideas to help you choose the best from the rest.

By the way, most of what lies below is taken from a so called competitor who even tried to borrow our strapline (“Helping YOUR business untangle the web”) – we do like it when people try so hard…

Check out Their Website

You know the old story that a cobbler has the worst shoes. Well so too do many website designers. No not poor shoes silly, they have a poor website.

They are so busy looking after other peoples websites that they have forgotten to look after their own.

So why should this matter?

Well if they’ve forgotten to look after their own website because of other work distracting them, will they forget to look after your website?

  • Can they cope with more than one website at a time?
  • Do they project manage their own workload and your website?
  • How fast can they turn around small updates and changes?

They have no Contact Details

Many website companies are a little bit aloof and only offer you contact forms to get in touch with them. There is no address (so do they really exist?) and no contact telephone number.

Many don’t even show their email address, keeping it hidden behind the dreaded contact form.

Run NOW, Run FAST – if you can’t just get quickly in touch with your website designer, run away now before you choose the wrong one.

It should take you under a second on a website to see a telephone number and to begin dialling. If you can’t see one, you know what to do – RUN

Their Website is Broken

As you are wandering around their website, make sure that you can find what you want.

  • Is there a button that says “Request Quote” that doesn’t do anything?
  • The links that say “read more” don’t take you to anything or anything relevant
  • Does their website offer very little information?
  • Are they happy to show off their work in a great online portfolio?
  • Are they happy for you to contact their customers?
  • Do you get the right feeling when looking at their website that they are reputable?

If you start to get any kind of doubt, run away – you have other choices.

Do they charge for free things

Clarke Design are confident enough in our work that we offer some of it for free in the knowledge that those of you who recognise and appreciate our skills and talents will pay what is appropriate for what we do.

We offer Free Website Reviews. Why are they free? Well we don’t feel that you know us yet in the early stages of our relationship and this is our way of building some trust with you.

If we spend some time reviewing your website and offering some initial advice, we hope that you will appreciate this and come to us to help make your website a better place for your customers. It’s all about a long term relationship not a quick

Some we win and some we lose, but mainly we win as people can really see the time and effort we have spent using our review service and want to do more business with us.

Remember: It’s Your Choice

Remember that it’s your choice with whom you work with on your business website.

There are many website designers out there, so if you are looking for someone to look after your website for you, don’t just choose the first one you find. Shop around a bit first, talk to them in person (or at least on the phone) and choose the right one for you and your business by do what we say above.