We hear it so many times, that people are losing their valuable data. “I never thought it would happen to me!” or “but I thought that you did my backups”.

Either way – you need to be doing your own backups so that should it actually happen to you, you are in control and can recover what you want.

To understand how bad losing data can be, “just close your laptop, turn off your smartphone, shut down your computer… and then try to carry on without them” This is how it feels to lose data. It’s a lonely place, isn’t it?

Data or information is king in every type of business today. Without it, you are just the same as every other business. With it you are king. From something as simple as a clients phone number, down to the database of quotations you are working on. Without adequate data backups, you are vulnerable; sadly you just don’t know how vulnerable until you lose it all or even just some of it.

There are many ways to lose your data; theft, human error, fire, flood, malware, corruption, infection, deletion or plain stupidity. you might just make some changes to a file or page and hit ‘Save’ instead of ‘Save as’.

It doesn’t matter how you lose data, losing it is losing it. if you don’t have an adequate backup strategy in place and a proven recovery process you are vulnerable.

Websites are no different

Your website has data behind it, the content of the site, the part of the site design that makes the site yours. It talks about you, your services, benefits etc… brochure websites may be a little safer than most as they don’t change very often, so your website designer might have a backup copy. But, should you be relying on this, on someone else?

What if they stop trading, or they don’t have a backup. How quickly can they recover it? Is it the latest copy?

Content Managed Websites

Content Managed Websites are so much more vulnerable as they change often so you need to back them up often; ideally daily. If you are making changes to something you need to back it up; both the files and the database.

WordPress websites, eCommerce stores, blogs, customer management systems or anything else that has changeable data. These sites change often, some can change hourly, some daily and some weekly. Whatever the frequency, you are only ever as safe as your most recent backup.

Backup Strategy

Make sure that you have an adequate backup strategy for your website, the files and the associated database. As we said at the start, just imagine turning your website off for a few days and see how you feel. Ask your customers how they would feel. Could your business survive? How long would it take your business to recover and how much would it cost you to first get your website back up and running and then to recoup your lost income.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry and trust us when we say that you do not want to find out the hard way.

Clarke Website Design Ltd offer a range of daily, weekly and monthly backup packages that can help to safeguard your valuable online website data. Find out more at www.clarkedesign.co.uk/websites-wordpress-maintenance.asp