So many people get very confused with what to do with a website address. The www bit.

Its official name is a URL – Universal Resource Locator – it’s a unique address for a website or a specific website page.

However, lots of people type a www address into a search engine, usually Google.

Whilst that can work, it’s just wrong, wastes time and sometimes doesn’t work as you’d expect.

Google is a search engine

It helps you find things when you don’t know quite what you are looking for, like “Chinese restaurants in Cheshire”

This will bring up a list of many different Chinese restaurants in the Cheshire area and allow you to choose.

But, if you have the www address, the exact address of the Chinese restaurant you want to go to, you know exactly what you are looking for; you don’t need to search for it.

You just want to go straight to a specific website; after all you have the address of the website, so you know exactly where you want to go.


So where do I type a www address?

Well, without stating the obvious, you type this into the ‘address bar’ at the top of your website browser.

Every website browser displays a www address at the top to show you where you are on the Internet.

You can just click in this bar and type or paste in another website address – press enter, and you are taken directly to that website address.

An Analogy

Think of it like this…

  • A website address is a unique address of a single website page on the Internet.
  • A postal address is a unique address of a specific building in the world.

If you have a postal address of “27 Acacia Avenue, Uptown, Big Shire BG1 7AA” – you’d know exactly where that was. You could find that exact house as it has a unique address.

You wouldn’t have to search for it in a list of other houses. You know it’s No. 27, so that’s exactly where you would go.

It’s the same for a website address; you know the exact place on the Internet you want to go. You have the unique address, so use that in the address bar of the browser and go straight there. There’s no need to look at a list of other website addresses that are similar and then have to choose the one you want.

You’re cutting out the middle man – the search engine.

So, if you have the www address, type it into the address bar of a website browser

If you are not sure what you want, then use a search engine like Google and type in a query, then choose from the list of results.