As the New Year starts you need to start thinking again about your website. What can you do to make it better, refine it, hone it? What can you do to get more business from it?

Write better website content

Whatever topic your website is about, the key to getting search engine traffic and thus more business sales is to offer visitors useful content. Without this, it doesn’t matter how fast, pretty and optimized your website is – it won’t attract any human interest.

So if there’s one thing we should all strive to do more of in 2018, it is definitely making the content of our websites the best it can be. Good content is the information that will make people want to read it, share it, and come back to your website for more news and articles.

Focus your Search Engine Optimisation

A well-optimised website in terms of SEO will get Google to drive a lot of traffic to you. Make sure that your website uses pretty URLs, accurate meta descriptions and proper internal linking.

Make sure that you have quality links to your website from other relevant websites will also definitely help.

Install an SSL certificate on your website

Google has now started to favour secure websites, those starting with HTTPS. SSL offers encryption and safety for your visitors, and can also boost your SEO rankings. So, if your site doesn’t have its own SSL certificate yet, now could be the time to get one installed.

Refresh your website look and feel with a new theme

Is your website in touch with the current design trends on the internet? Getting a new website theme will make your online presence look refreshed and give your online audience something new to engage with. Launching an updated website is also a great excuse to get in touch with everyone again too.

Optimise your images for a faster website

Images are worth a thousand words, but they are also heavy on resources and can slow down your website if they are not optimised correctly.

Make sure that each and every image, graphics and photograph on your website is as optimised as it can be to make sure that your website loads as swiftly as possible.


Make sure your site is mobile friendly

As in the past couple of years, more than 60% of your website traffic will be coming from handheld devices such as smartphones or tablets. Therefore, it is vital that your website displays properly on those smaller screens. If you are serious about your online business, you MUST have a responsive website capable of being seen on multiple sized screens.

Boost your social media presence

Social media has been around for a very long time now, yet many website owners fail to use it to drive traffic to their websites and build up a bigger audience for their company.

Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are now all really mandatory companions of a successful business website. Get writing content on social media, but remember to always drive them to your website to find out more.

Make sure you are using a quality web host

You can’t have a quality website without using a quality website hosting company. Cheap hosting will only get you a very basic service which will let your website down. Research the best hosting companies to compliment your website design with the right delivery service.

Whatever you do in 2018 with your website, just make sure that you do something. Just leaving your website alone for another year won’t deliver any new benefits or bring in any more new customers.