Here are 6 great reasons why you should put your website address on your shop.

1) Why Wouldn’t You ?

Seriously, why wouldn’t you want to advertise your website on your shop front? You’re daft not to.

We can’t think of a single reason why – if we’ve invested in premises, a beautiful shop sign and a website; that we wouldn’t want to bring them all together.

2) It’s FREE Advertising

Your website gives your potential customers so much more information that your shop front can.

It’s FREE advertising for your business.

People will remember your website address for later and can then find out more about your business in the comfort of their armchair when it’s convenient for them.

3) Passing Trade

Everyone walking past your shop is a potential customer. Sadly though they are walking past your shop and not coming in, so how can they remember you?

Give them something to remember you by, give them more information, give them your website address.

Are we getting through to you yet?

4) Your Competitors Don’t

We never cease to be amazed by how few businesses advertise their website on their shop.

We recently walked down the High Street in Nantwich, passed by nearly 120 shops and only 3 advertise their website prominently.

Shocking – What a wasted opportunity!

How else are passers by and your potential customers supposed to know that you have a website ?

5) Websites NEVER Close

If your high street shop is ONLY open from 9am to 5pm, from Monday to Saturday, you are closed for over 70% of the time.

So open your business up for the rest of the time by telling people about your website.

6) We Just Think you Should

Seriously, we think that you are missing out on a huge trick if you are not advertising your website at every conceivable opportunity to every possible customer.

So get in touch with your local sign writer (yes we can refer you to a few if you want any help here too) and sort out that old and dated shop signage for something bright and new AND make sure that you put your website address on it.

PS Don’t forget to put your phone number on it as well – give your customers every way to get in touch, and not an exucse to carry on walking by…