Do you think that your web site isn’t earning its’ keep ? Want to get more customers from it ? Check out these Top 10 tips about how to make your web site do some work for you and start growing your business.

1) Manage your web site content

Keep your web site information up to date and remember that pages which are not updated will not get listed in the majority of search engines.

Keep the look of your web site fresh using new images and change the look and feel of the site occasionally.

2) Promote your Web address

Use your web site address everywhere. Incorporate it prominently into your business stationery, your vehicles, clothing, shop front, leaflets and always be on the look out for other promotional opportunities.

3) Track it

Make sure that you know how often your web site is being used. Use web site statistics and customer feedback to keep a check on visitor numbers and customer conversion rates.

If you don’t know how well your site is performing, how can you determine what to do with it and what to focus upon?

4) Search Engines

Get your site listed in all of the major search engines (not just Google).

Research the right “search phrases” for your business. These are the phrases that your customers and potentials are actually typing into the major search engines, not the ones you think they are.

Make sure they your keywords appear in every corner of your web site. Make sure your web site designer has used them in the foundations of the site.

Remember “Content is King”

5) Link Link Link

Create reciprocal links with other web sites; your customers, suppliers, affiliates and other businesses.

Just make sure you never link to your competitors!

6) Create, maintain, improve

Allocate a sensible budget to the creation, update and promotion of your web site.

7) Give something away for FREE

Offer something for free to your customers and potentials. Give them something for nothing, something that will encourage them to return to your web site.

Naturally you are not actually giving this away for free. Before you let them have your giveaway, you will collect their contact details from them.

Then you can market them until they buy!

8) Talk about the Benefits

You need to talk about the benefits of what you do for your customers and potentials.

Tell them the pain they are experiencing and how you can remove this.

Tell them that you will improve their business, give them more time, save them money, make them more money, get them more customers…

Tell them how you will do this and demonstrate how you have done this for others.

Show this with testimonials and case studies.

9) Directory Listings

Find web site directories that specifically promote your type of business.

Use your keywords to search the internet. If you find the same internet directory is at the top of every search page, you must advertise with them. Your customers will be looking there for you.

Get your web site listed with these web sites and those of any organisations to which your business subscribes.

10) Don’t DIY

Avoid the temptation to “do it yourself”. Use a professional web site design company to keep your web site looking fresh, smart and optimised.

This is the best use of your time. Using an expert means that you get the best for your business. Doing it yourself, takes you away from doing your business.