So you’ve had a website for a while now, and you think that you are not getting enough business out of it or maybe you’re just not sure if it’s doing anything for you or your business.

You get new business every now and again but you don’t think it’s anything to do with your website. So you’re wondering if your website is any good and if it’s worth having one or do you need to do anything with it.

People who say that they are not getting any business from their website are doing one of two things:

  1. Not tracking the right details when they do get a new customer
  2. Not considering everything that influenced them to become a customer

You are not tracking the right details

You cannot manage what you do not measure

If you do not measure everything that you do when seeking or gaining new business, you will not be able to do anything to change it if it does not work. Also you will not know if what you are doing is successful. You MUST track every single aspect of how you gain customers.

Whilst they may not have typed in “plumbers in Sandbach” into Google to find you, did they use your website at any part of the process in deciding to do business with you?

Few business websites (other than eCommerce) work on their own to get you new business. Your prices, service offering, location, attitude, service levels etc… are all part of that decision. However a website can also be part of that decision as it can convey many of these essential aspects for you. Without it, how else do you get the message across.

Not considering everything that influences the customer

Asking “how did you find us?” is often not the right question to find out if they used your website to find you.

Consider this scenario: What you need to find out is if a new customer visited your website during ANY part of the process of deciding to do business with you. They may have met you at a business meeting and been given your business card. Naturally on your business card you’ve displayed your website address, which they subsequently visited. They then called you to discuss your products and services… They then became your customer. When you ask how they found you, they naturally mention the business meeting. You therefore put a tick in that box and yet again believe that they didn’t find you from your website.

WRONG – Without your website they may not have made that call, may not have found the page about the service that they were looking for and so assumed you didn’t do it, binned the business card and carried on with their day.

Without the vital business tool of a website, you would not have got the business, however as you didn’t ask specifically if they had used your website as part of the decision to do business with you, you assume that they did not and so you assume that your website isn’t working for you. That’s a few too many assumptions for our liking.

Please don’t take our word for it

Before you decide that your website isn’t working for you and you turn it off, ask any other professional marketing company about what you are about to do. Anyone worth their salt will talk to you about what an invaluable tool your website is. Whilst you may think that you are not getting any additional business from your website, we are sure that without a website you will lose other potential business, clients and prospects.

Don’t just close or remove your website

If you have a website, please DO NOT just remove it a leave nothing in it’s place.

  • People may wrongly assume that you have gone out of business. Trust us they might not bother to call you to confirm it.
  • They might just need your phone number, but as you now do not have a website they cannot find it, so do not call you.
  • Online customers have a choice and if they think you do not exist, they will go to your competitors.

Even a very simple, yet informative website can do you so much good. After all, once your website has been designed it doesn’t have to cost the earth to keep it up, running and maintained.