Posting on social media is a great way to get your business noticed. Adding regular news items, articles, offers and information using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube is great.

But are you getting the most out of what you are sharing? Could you do more to get more business?

It’s great getting people to read your timeline on Facebook, but it’s just that – a timeline. People will scroll a few pages down but not much more. They don’t want to scroll too far down the page, so you need to give them a better way to find information about you. Think about it, have you ever really scrolled more than a few pages down a Facebook or Twitter timeline. No – neither have your customers.

Whatever you are sharing on your Facebook timeline also MUST be available somewhere on your website.

When you write a news story or an article, make sure that you write it on your website, (like this one) then link to that website page from your social media accounts. The sharing of the articles pushes this into the news feeds of your followers so that they know its available AND keeps is somewhere else so they can easily find it again.

Sharing your content it this way has a number of great benefits:

  1. You are driving people to your website rather than Facebook or Twitter
  2. The content is on your website so search engines will also direct traffic to your website and not to your social media account
  3. You are in control of everything as this is your website
  4. Those who are not following you can also see the story, news or articles as it’s on your public website
  5. People can easily find it again on your site. Try finding things like this via social media; it’s difficult
  6. Whilst they are on your website they will also look at other things; stories, news, articles, services, products, your contact page

Putting all of your news stories, articles, photographs etc… onto your website slowly starts to grow your website. If you do an article a week, by the end of the year you’ll have another 50+ pages on your website for search engines and humans to lock onto.

So don’t write everything in your social media accounts. Write it on your website then just share a link to the page.