You’ve invested in a superb marketing and advertising campaign to help promote your business and drive new customers to you. But you’ve forgotten one thing, what do they do when they get to your website…

Is your marketing campaign up to scratch.

The story

We’d like to tell you a story about a complete failure.

Recently we received a letter at our office.

  • The letter was hand written, with lovely neat handwriting.
  • It was personally addressed, to an individual not just ‘the occupier’ or ‘the office supplies buyer’
  • It has a stamp not an automated postage frank

This is exactly what every marketing professional will tell you grabs the attention of the recipient.

It grabbed our attention. it was the first letter we opened that day.

Inside the envelope was a single piece of paper, an advert for a bouncy castle company.

A lovely, well designed leaflet detailing the benefits and offerings of a local company who offer bouncy castle hire in our area.

The devil is in the detail

As we looked closer at the leaflet, the website and email address focused our attention.

The website address was fine. They had registered their company name and used this for their website. Excellent.

Sadly they were still using their Internet Service provider however for their email.

So instead of they had
That’s just so unprofessional.

Also when they move service providers, they’ll lose that email address.

But then it all went downhill

Sadly we then looked at their website (it’s just what we do) and it all went downhill very, very fast.

Their website was truly atrocious.

  • It was clearly homemade
  • Has not been optimised in any way
  • Looked different in different browsers
  • Still promoted their ISPs email address
  • Had unscaled images that took an age to download
  • It turned us off so fast…

If we were customers we’d have walked away by now.

The site didn’t say what areas they covered, what services they provided, had no booking form. Need we go on?

Waste of time, money and effort

They had invested their time, money and effort in starting off their marketing campaign with a superb hand written, focused delivery and then completely failed to think through the next step.

  • What would happen next?
  • Most people would visit the website to find out more.
  • We did and we were turned off immediately.

Join up thinking

Make sure that you think through your marketing campaigns. Put yourself in the position of your customers and potentials. What will they do, how will they react?

If your website is part of this process, and it really should be, make sure it’s up-to-date, well designed and compliments your marketing efforts.