Most people believe that search engines are the best way to market their web site; “If I’m at the top of Google my business will grow”. That may be the case for big web sites, but for most sites offline marketing can bring far greater rewards than waiting for someone to find your web site in a search engine.

It’s Simple – Just tell EVERYONE !

It sounds so simple, but how many people do you encounter and you don’t mention that you have a web site.

There really is no excuse not to tell everyone that you ever meet. Don’t be shy about promoting your business. If you don’t do it, no one else will.

People want to browse your web site and understand your business in their own time.

Remember, if they don’t know you have a web site, they’ll find someone else who does.

Business Stationery

This is the first key place to tell people that you have a web site. Your web site address needs to be in a prominent place on every piece of business stationery you have.

  • Business cards
  • Corporate letterhead
  • Compliment slips
  • Invoices

Traditional Marketing

How many times do you see a corporate leaflet advertising a business that doesn’t have a web site address clearly visible on it?

This is a hugely missed opportunity. The leaflet advertises a specific product or service and the web site should then provide additional information about the business or other related services and products.


If you have a brochure about your products or services, make sure that it is branded with your web site details.

This must include the front and back covers, are they are the most likely pages to be seen. Also try to get your web site address onto every page of the brochure, either in the header or footer.


How many vans do you see on the roads that are branded with the name and nature of a business, but they don’t tell you the web site address to find out more information.

If you’ve taken the time to brand your van, take the time to add on details of your web site as well.

It’s a little different if you only have a company or private car. You can still use something more subtle and still get the message across.


If you have business premises, you must have space to advertise your business name and thus your web site address.

Make sure that your web site address is displayed prominently on your premises or shop front.


Clarke Design is well known for wearing our logo on our shirts. It’s something distinctive that helps people we meet to remember us. Yes it does work, we get business from it and people we meet remember us.

It doesn’t matter how cheesy you may think this is, if it gets you business it can’t be all that bad.

Give people a reason to find your web site and thus more about your business.
Don’t give them an excuse to miss you and find your competitors.