More and more small businesses are finding out that email marketing is one of the most effective ways to keep customers coming back to their websites. Email campaigns are a very cost effective way to keep in closer contact with customers and build brand awareness and loyalty.

An Engaging Newsletter

Small businesses are using a variety of ideas to develop interesting, useful and fun email marketing campaigns.

Many businesses layout their emails as newsletters and market them as such.

A newsletter format can give a friendlier feel and do a better job of building that vital relationship you’re your customers while keeping your name in front of them.

Try to consider featuring some of the following items:

  • Special offers and prices
  • Links to online articles – read more online…
  • Entice them into different areas of your website
  • Share info about new products and services

Send it Often (but not too often)

How often to send your email newsletter is a difficult question.

Every week is far too often. Remember people subscribe to many email newsletters and sending it this often will just clog up their inbox and they”ll be unsubscribing in no time.

Once a month is about right. It”s not too often, but it”s not so long that they can’t remember you. You”ll have enough new information to tell them.

Once you start to send your campaigns, remember that your subscribers will come to expect it. So make time in your schedule to send something once a month every month.

Promote it online

Remember to promote your monthly newsletter on your own website.

Here are some ideas to encourage your online visitors to join your subscription:

  • Tell them what valuable information or offers they”ll get.
  • Include an archive of previous newsletters.
  • Place invitations to subscribe to your mailing list in several places throughout your website.
  • Make sure there is an invitation on your home page if possible.
  • When a customer enters an email address for any other reason (downloading a pdf, your main contact form or when placing an order), have an extra checkbox to allow them to join your subscription list with a single click.
  • Remember too to sign people up offline. Have an email list in reception, your store counter or office where people can give you their email address and join.

FREE Email Marketing Trial

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