More and more people are using email to communicate than ever before. Sadly though they are using the wrong tools and utilities to do this and are running into limitations placed there for their own safety.

The following guidelines are put in place to make sure that the email platform is not abused and continues to be available for everyday use of emails, and not used for other purposes.

Sending Bulk Emails

In your everyday life, when sending emails you’ll never hit these limits. However if you try to email all of your customers or a list of potential customers, you’ll hit the limits and get yourself into hot water.

The following limits are placed on sending emails:

  • No more than 10 mails in any one go
  • No more than 50 mails in a 10 minute period
  • No more than 500 mails in a 24 hour period.

These limits are in place to avoid the shared hosting platform being blacklisted from sending emails.

These limits are increased if you use the CC and BCC fields in the e-mail, but you cannot specify these as To addresses.

But you shouldn’t be specifying these in the To field anyway for data protection reasons as you then give all of your customer emails away !

What if I exceed these limits?

The outgoing mailbox SMTP functionality will be suspended until the cumulative total of the last 24 hours drops below the limits above (500 e-mails).  Once passed, you can then send again.

So, How can I email 800 people?

If you need to email a large number of recipients, you need to use specialist software to do this.

You should also use something a little more specialised to create the email in the first place.

If you are sending out this many emails, you’re probably sending out a newsletter, sales alert or something like this that should be delivered with a little pizazz. Just sticking a bit of text in a normal email isn’t going to give any impact to this and will probably have less chance of being read by the intended recipient.

You’ll also not be able to handle the unsubscribes (because you didn’t add one previously and broke the law) and won’t be able to track wh0 opens the emails and who clicked on which links to get to your website or to find out more information. That’s because you probably didn’t put the required time and effort into the email in the first place and just thought a quick few lines of text in Outlook would do the job.

Invest in this vital method of communication and you’ll reap the rewards. Choose the right tool for the job, create a great looking email, send it with the right message to the right people, track it and use this data for next time. Slowly over time you will start to see the benefit of doing this right rather than doing it quickly and cheaply.

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