Email Marketing can be a tricky business to get right, so here are a five simple tricks and tips to help get your campaigns read by more of your subscribers.

Start to be specific, stop being pushy, schedule your campaigns, make sure that you use a professional email address and get yourself a bespoke email template.

1) Be Specific with Subscribers

Focus your email campaigns on the right subscribers and you have more chance of success. You’ll also have more chance that you don’t upset other subscribers who will just hit the unsubscribe button.

Create many different subscriber lists so that you can segment your campaigns and target just the right people with your emails. Firing off emails to everyone you know might sound great but then you are just playing a numbers game.

If you try to sell something to a customer who already has that service with you, they’ll just delete the email. Worse still, they might start to get bored with the constant selling and unsubscribe from you.

Target those people who do not have a particular service with you and you stand more chance of conversion.

Split your subscribers up into clearly defined and manageable lists; then add in some custom fields so that you can target them still further with a really focussed email campaign.

2) Don’t be Pushy

Avoid just using the “BUY NOW” tactics that so many emails employ and stop pushing sales offers down peoples throats.

You need to give your audience something more than just special offers, discounts, buy one get one free etc… Give them stories, case studies, news, articles, information and useful hints and tips.

If all you do is advertise, people will soon get very bored with your emails and unsubscribe from you.

Show them that you are an expert in your field and give them useful information as well to keep them engaged with you.

Raise topics for discussion and interact with your subscribers to keep them interested.

3) Schedule for Success

You don’t have to send an email campaign the moment you have finished writing it.

Schedule it for the right time to have a better impact on your audience. If it’s just another email in the morning inbox, it might get missed.

You need to deliver an email at just the right time for it to have the most impact; it’s like a birthday card arriving too early or worst still, too late. It’s got to be just right.

  • Don’t send emails over the weekend if you are sending to a business as they’ll just be one of the hundreds of emails waiting in the inbox on a Monday morning.
  • The same goes for emails sent late at night. Schedule it for delivery sometime throughout the day.
  • If it refers to an event or time based announcement, getting the timing just right can make or break your success.

4) Use a Professional Email Address

Using the right email address to send from can make or break the success an email campaign.

Don’t use your Gmail or Hotmail account for your business.

You need to make sure that your emails are delivered from the corporate email address you have and not from your personal address.

Hopefully your customers, contacts and suppliers will have you in their white list and so your emails stand more chance of being read if you are consistent in where you send them from.

it just looks so much more professional to send it from rather than from !!

5) Promote your Brand

Brand identity is so important, yet many people use boring text only or generic email templates to promote their business.

Be proud of who you are and show it off in your email campaigns.

  • Have a bespoke email template built for you and use a professional tool to manage and send your campaigns.
  • Make your brand prominent and use your corporate colours throughout so that there is no doubt who the email is from.

If you’ve invested in an email marketing tool, don’t just send plain text or generic looking emails; you wouldn’t do this on your website or when advertising in the local press; you’d make sure that your audience knew who you were.

So take the time to create a stunning email and start to reap the rewards.