A domain name (you know the www bit) is possibly the most important component of any website. Without it a website simply cannot exist on the Internet. It has no address, so no-one can find it. Email addresses can’t exist without a website domain name either.

– So how much do you value your domain name?
– Do you recognise that this is a stupendously valuable business asset?

What would you do if you lost your website domain name ?

Steps to ensure your domain name is well managed

1) Don’t do it yourself

Trying to manage your own domain names might sound like a great idea, but seriously do you really want to take the risk. If you forget to renew your domain name, you’ll lose your website and all associated email addresses.

Get your website designer or hosting company to do it for you – they will probably be managing many other domain names and will have a process in place to make sure that no renewals are ever missed and they are all updated in a timely manner.

Clarke Design has a process as we look after thousands of domain names – it’s just what we do and we’ve never missed a domain name renewal yet.

2) Not Paying that “little” invoice

Clarke Design sends out lots of small invoices for domain name renewals, some for just £16.50 for a .co.uk domain name. These are very important, but some people just don’t recognise this.

Sadly some people can look at these invoices and not realise the massive impact that not paying the small amount will have on their online business. Imagine if eBay or Amazon didn’t renew their domain name. Their business would stop dead. They would lose millions of pounds of business whilst they recovered their domain name.

If you value your online business you MUST pay this invoice in a timely fashion.

Ignoring the invoice will probably just result in your website vanishing.

3) Why would you not renew?

If you want to continue to have a website presence and wish to continue using the associated email addresses, you must make sure that your website domain names are renewed and this means paying those little invoices.

If you, for whatever reason do not want to renew a particular domain name, communicating this absolutely vital.

To make sure that we do renew domain names (and we naturally assume that you would want to – we think that this is fair); we always renew domain names 30 days before their renewal date – just to make absolutely sure that you retain your online business.

So if you don’t want a particular domain, we’d like to know well in advance.

Final Thoughts

We cannot stress how vitally important your website domain name is. If you are in any doubt about it’s renewal date, an invoice you receive for it or anything else connected with it, you really must contact who ever looks after it for you.

Just remember that ignoring the renewal invoice will result in your website and emails being removed.

Recovering them can be costly and the business you’ll lose will cost you more.

Don’t leave it to chance, make sure that your domain names are professionally looked after.