How many times must we see people wasting a great opportunity to mention their website. We see this time after time.

People (sadly sometimes our customers) who we know have a website, that then advertise in newspapers and magazines and they don’t mention their website address. Seriously – WHY NOT?

If you’ve spent time, effort and money investing in a website, why wouldn’t you mention your website address at every conceivable opportunity?

You’ve then also spent time, money and effort putting the advert into the local newspaper and you then forget to glue the two together.

You forget to put your website address in the advert or newpaper story. It’s one of our biggest gripes about marketing.


We get asked all the time about how to get to the top of the search engines, but people sadly forget to do the basic things first; like just telling people about their website.

You’ve got to shout about your website at every possible opportunity. It’s got to be on everything that you ever print about your business. Business cards, letterheads, invoices, quotes, adverts, vans, shops – everything !

It’s all about contact

If people don’t know how to contact you from your advert, how can they then do business with you?

Some of you reading this will think that we are mad and that surely people don’t forget to put their website address on something like an advert. Honestly they do – sadly we see this time after time and we’ll keep on seeing it.

How frustrated must they be when they spend their hard earned money on an advert and no one calls them. Sadly they won’t know that people can’t call them, they’ll just think that they don’t want to or that the advert didn’t work.

You MUST put your website address on everything you ever print