There are so many web sites out there on the Internet that your website name has to be easy to remember, catchy, quick to type in and should do exactly what it says.

Giving your online users the opportunity to mistype, forget and mistake your website name is the last thing you should want from your name.

Buying a domain name that reflects what you do, is your company name or just sounds cool is very difficult. Thousands of website domain names are registered every day, so the odds that you can buy the one you want are dropping all the time.

Domain Name Suffix

So you’re looking for your ideal website domain name and sadly it’s gone. Oh no, what do you do?

Most companies that sell domain names, will show you a list of your preferred name in a table with a list of domain names suffixes (the .com or bit)
Naturally for a UK business you want the .com or version, but sadly they’ve all been bought by someone else. So you naturally think that it sounds like a great idea to buy one of the other options. Wrong, so wrong.

Buying a domain name with an unusual extension is one of the worst decisions you can make for your website.

Why ? – the human factor.

The Human Factor

You wanted because that’s what you do – you sell widgets.
Sadly one of your competitors already has this domain name, with a lovely website selling the same widgets that you want to sell on your new website.

So instead, you buy or !

You spend hundreds of pounds promoting this new website, putting on all of your business cards, letterheads and your shop front. You think that you’ve got it made. Wrong again!

You’ve forgotten to factor in humans.

Human beings, your customers, will not remember your odd little domain name. They’ll read in on your shop front, go home and type in – Notice: this is the .com website of your competitor not your website. They don’t really notice – they are presented with a website of widgets, exactly what they want and they merrily go ahead and buy some widgets from someone else – NOT YOU.

Humans remember what they want to, not what you want them to. They’ll forget that difficult domain name suffix, they’ll forget hyphens, they’ll forget difficult words and hard to remember domain names. They’ll just yp ein what they thought they saw, what their friend mistakenly remembers not your website name.

Our Advice

Our advice when buying a website name for your internet presence is:

  • Keep your domain name simple
  • Try to avoid hyphens
  • Make it memorable
  • Don’t buy names with unusual suffix

If you want to check a domain name, please use our domain name checker or get in touch.