Choosing to buy a domain name is easy and most are guided solely by cost. Be careful however, over the hidden costs of transferring your domain name to other providers. Many don’t even publish these costs and they can hit you hard to move something that you own !

Cheap to buy… What about transferring ?

You can pick up a domain name fairly cheap, but what about the hidden costs.

Many providers choose not to even publish the costs of transferring YOUR domain name to another provider. They dump hefty transfer charges onto you only when you ask to leave. Usually you’ll even transfer the domain name yourself, by filling in an online form and then parting with your hard earned cash whilst they do nothing by pocket the money.

All domain name providers are obliged to allow you to transfer your domain name to someone else, however what they charge to do this for you is open to some interpretation.

Some will charge you if a domain name is transferred within the first 2 years of registration to another provider. We understand why, as they are probably not making any money initially when selling the domain name as cheap as they do. They make their money with all of the little hidden extras.

Make sure that when you are comparing prices for domain names that you are truly comparing like for like.

Annual Prices domain names – £2.69 per year

Sounds really cheap doesn’t it ? But  don’t get pulled in by the annual price for a domain name. You have to register it for two years anyway, so you’ll already be paying twice as much – that’s now £5.38

Then a lot of companies will be charging you VAT on top – that’s now £6.45

Plus doing this all yourself and pointing it to the relevant hosting is going to cost you time and money.

Add onto this the £12.99 +vat that they will change you to manage any aspect of your domain name away from them and all of sudden you’ve just spent £22 – that’s a tad more than the £2.69 you were enticed in with.

Make sure that you compare like for like

It’s not just about the initial cost of the domain name

  • Make sure that you know about the annual renewal price – it may be more that the initial registration price
  • What about any potential transfer costs should you wish to change administrator
  • Can you transfer away whenever you want or do you have to wait a few months or even years?

Transferring domain names is Easy

Transferring domain names is really, really easy.

All you need to do is change the IPSTAG, add it into your new provider and it gets transferred in a matter of minutes.

It’s a 5 minute job, so make sure that your domain name provider isn’t going to charge you do do this.

By the way: Clarke Design do not charge to transfer domain names away to other administrators. We just don’t think that it’s ethical for 5 seconds of work.