Next summer will see the roll out three new domain names as Nominet, the non-profit organisation in charge of the domain naming system, evolves their .uk domains namespace.

The domain names can be used in addition to or instead of an existing website address.

Many countries already have a similar system, including France, which uses the .fr extension, and Germany, where websites are given the .de suffix.

.uk domains

Nominet will be introducing .uk domain names from Summer 2014, as an alternative to or (or,,, and

.uk extensions will be available on a first-come first-serve basis for unique names. If you currently hold a or domain name, you’ll have five years to register your interest in the .uk version before it will be forfeited to the first bidder.

Nominet have also prepared for instances where two companies hold the same domain name but in and – the first refusal for the .uk domain will go to the registrant.

The .uk extension is an exciting time for the UK domains namespace, as this is the biggest overhaul since it began. It sees a recognition of the changing landscape and confirms Nominet’s desire to move forward.

.wales and .cymru

.wales and .cymru extensions were proposed earlier this year to help to celebrate the Welsh digital economy and promote Welsh business.

A definitive launch date for the .uk domains as well as the .Wales and .Cymru will be announced by February 2014.

You can register your interest for .Wales and .Cymru now.