Choosing the right website domain name for your business and website can be a challenge.

Firstly you want to pick the right name that reflects your business, what you do and just sounds right. But sadly with hundreds of domain names being registered every minute and with billions already registered it’s really hard to find the right one that’s available. So how can you do this? Here are a few things to think about when choosing that perfect domain name for you.

Think about multiple names

Don’t just think that one website domain name will do. You might want to think here about having a few domain names. You might be lucky and the .com variant is also available as well as the .net and – you really should try to secure these as well. It locks out your competitors doing so and allows for humans typing in the wrong domain suffix, just because they are humans.

Add in you Top Keywords and Phrases

When you first begin your domain name search, it helps to have a few terms or phrases in mind that best describe what you do.

Don’t just call yourself because you are called Bloggs and supply things. What things? Calling yourself instantly suggests that you are called Bloggs and supply water pumps. After all, initially people don’t know that you are called Bloggs, they are just looking for water pumps, and given that’s what your website is called maybe you’re the man for the job.

You MUST be Unique

Don’t ever buy a website domain name just because another similar name wasn’t available. Don’t add an ‘s’ onto a domain name just because you main competitor had already taken what you wanted.

Don’t be tempted to buy the .biz variant because the .net and .com versions have already been taken.

Don’t start adding in hyphens everywhere again because your perfect domain name has already been taken.

All that will happen here is people will forget that your domain name is a bit unusual and will type in the wrong one and go to someone elses website.

Only Choose Domains

This is for our UK audience. Stop buying obscure domain name suffixes unless you are really clever and it spells out a word (like or you happen to do business in Taiwan.

You are a UK company so is what you want. If it’s not available, think again.

It must pass the Telephone test

If you can’t tell someone easily what your website domain name is, then choose another one.

If you have to keep explaining how to spell certain words, where the hyphen goes (what a hyphen really is) that you type in the spelling of the number rather than typing in the actual number, choose a different one.

Don’t try to come up with fancy ways to confuse people, using z instead of s because it looks cool, or something that sounds like a word but is now how people actually spell it.

You have to be able to convey your domain name swiftly and without abiguity or error to anyone that asks. Then they’ll remember it.

Reject Hyphens and Numbers

Both hyphens and numbers make it so much harder to tell people your domain name verbally and makes it so much harder to remember or type in for that matter.

We feel so strongly about this on that we’ve written a whole article about this – To Hyphen or NOT to Hyphen

Our BEST Advise

Our best advise is to talk to an expert in this area. Any website designer worth their salt will tell you if you are choosing the right website domain name or if you are leading yourself down a path full of problems and obstacles.

Listen to them, they know what they are doing (if they are any good that is)

So don’t just goto some dodgy cheap website domain registry company and register the first thing that comes into your head, talk to an expert and let them guide you through to making the right choice.