When it comes to choosing an email address for your website you have a few choices as to how to handle this.

With your website hosting you’ll get the ability to create email addresses based upon your domain name.

So if you own www.mywebsitename.co.uk, you can then also have an email address of myname@mywebsitename.co.uk

So why then would you choose not to use these and use something else instead?

Your Old Email Address

Before you had a website you probably had (or still have) an email address from your Internet Service Provider.

Or you’ve chosen something from Yahoo or Hotmail to get you started.

So you’ve got johntheplumber1968@hotmail.com as an email address and that’s been serving you well for a few years.

However, now you’ve seen the light and have invested in a new website for your plumbing business. You’ve been advised by your website designer to buy a great website domain name like www.sandbachplumbing.co.uk and they are now talking to you about having a new email address.

Sadly you’re not keen on this as you’ve already got an email address that you’ve been using for a few years and everyone knows this, and it’s on those free business cards that you got printed last year.

Why are you not keen ?

So why are you reluctant to start using a new email address that is related to your new website name?

You could have a great new email address like john@sandbachplumbing.co.uk instead.


  • It’s more memorable. Your business is Sandbach Plumbing, your called John, your email is john@sandbachplumbing.co.uk
  • It’s just more professional
  • It’s more flexible as you can have many email addresses related to your website domain name; info@ admin@ sales@ plumbing@
  • You can have forwarders to send an email automatically to other email accounts;
    johnathan@ also goes to john@
  • You can have group email accounts to send an email to many other email accounts simultaneously; so sales@ goes to dan@ and carol@ automatically
  • The email accounts go hand in hand with your website domain name, so if you move hosting providers, no worries, everything gets moved as well so no-one need know.


  • Sorry, but we can’t really think of any

Moving House

If you are using an email address from your Internet Service Provider, you are tied into them.

If you have “johnsplumbing@btinternet.com” and you leave BT Internet (other ISPs are the same), then you will lose your email address!

Think about it; Why would they let you keep your free email account when you are no longer using their other internet services.

However if you are using an email address based on your website domain name, it doesn’t matter who you host your website with (as long as they are a decent and professional company) then they will be able to provide and maintain your email addresses; so you will never lose them.

But What About My Old Email Address

So you’ve listened to what we have to say, but you are still worried that people will be sending you emails to your old email address.

Well, yes they will; but that’s OK – You just have both email accounts. Yes, you can have more than one email address.

What we recommend, is to use some email software like Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird and set this up to access emails on both of your email accounts. So when people send you emails to your old email account or your new email account, they’ll both be downloaded and you’ve not missed anything.

All that changes is that when you send an email, you just send it from your new email account by default. Then slowly over time people get used to your new email account (as you do) and they start to use this instead of your old email address.

Having a new email address is also a great way to get back in touch with a few people to tell them that something has changed. You can also remind them who you are at the same time; you might just get a bit of extra business out of it as you remind people who you are.

Don’t be Afraid

So please don’t be afraid to setup that new email address based upon your website domain name.

It’s the best thing that you’ll do for so many reasons.