Sending as Email is part of all of our daily lives, and it can just stop working when you’ve done nothing different and not changed anything. This can be hugely frustrating in understanding why when everything worked yesterday and today it’s all stopped working.

So what can it be, if you’ve changed nothing – why doesn’t it work?

There are outside factors that can make or break your email.

Your IP (Internet Protocol) address is like a post code for your website, email and broadband. It’s a unique number that identifies you to other computers and it’s what allows computers to know where they are sending information.

Your IP Address is as unique to you as your post code is.

Sadly and for a variety of reasons, your IP Address can appear on any number of Blacklists. Lists that most hosting companies use to determine if you are sending spam, malicious content or have been doing so.

If your address appears on any of these Blacklists, you may not be able to send email any more.

Reason 1 – Spammers have been using your email address

You’ll sadly never know if someone else has been sending emails on your behalf. Spammers can very easily pretend to be you and can pretend to send an email to other people from you. They could have found you email address from any number of sources and have decided to use for malicious purposes.

If they do this enough, your email address may be flagged and placed on the blacklist. Even though you haven’t done anything wrong and aren’t even aware that you’ve been added – they will add you.

Reason 2 – No Fixed Abode

Some broadband providers – and many cloud hosting networks – may assign your IP Addresses “dynamically”. This means that the same address may be used by different people’s computers over the course of days or weeks. If you’re currently sharing, or have recently shared, an IP address with a user whose computer sent spam, then it’s possible that IP address has been blacklisted.

Using the postcode analogy, you and some of your neighbours share the same postcode (just with a different house number). If someone else who has the same address as you and has been caught sending spam, then sadly you may be tarred with the same brush and also get blacklisted even though it wasn’t you or anything you did.

Reason 3 – Everything Else

Sadly there are lots of other reasons that your IP Address will find it’s way onto a blacklist.

How do I get my address removed?

Clarke Design can help you to remove you from most of the common blacklists. Just let us know your IP Address and we can check which blacklists you are on and ask to get you de-listed.

What can you do to protect yourself?

Ask your broadband provider if you have a “Static IP” address. This is an address that is yours, only yours and will always be yours.

This just cuts down the possibilities of someone else getting you added to a Blacklist.