Clarke Design have discovered that a company called, “Domain Registry of America”, has been sending letters to our customers with deceptive messages about domain transfers. The goal of these letters is to trick our customers into transferring their domain names away from Clarke Design. The letters falsely claim to be a response to a transfer request made by our customers.

This is a SCAM and a DECEPTION


Clarke Design have also received these kinds of letters.

If Clarke Design are looking after your web site domain names, then we will do everything for you to renew your domain name and you will not receive renewal notices from any other company other than Clarke Design.

If there is any doubt about a domain name renewal invoice, please call us to discuss it before making any payment.

Domain Support Group or Domain Renewal Group

It has come to our attention that yet another scam involving domain names is being played on unsuspecting domain name owners. The scam involves a call from a company calling itself the “Domain Support Group” or the “Domain Renewal Group”. The caller pretends that they have information about your domain name registrations and tries to trick you into giving them your credit card information or registering more domain names with them. Please do not be fooled by this scam!

Clarke Design will never ask for your credit card details over the telephone !

If you receive a telephone call from “Domain Support Group” or “Domain Renewal Group” we suggest you simply hang up the telephone and do not give them any information.

If you are ever in doubt about the authenticity of anything you receive about your web site domain names, please contact Clarke Design. We would be happy to discuss these matters with you personally and to share our experience in this delicate area.