A very worrying trend has appeared over the past few months with more and more of our customers asking us to remove their telephone number from their website.

We so very strongly advise against this
You must be contactable by telephone

I just want to call you

A recent survey by 1&1 Internet suggested that over 50% of Internet users have become “angry and stressed” when websites fail to provide suitable contact details and even more so when they couldn’t just pick up the phone and make a simple call.

  • YOU MUST make it simple for your visitors to get in touch with you by telephone
  • YOU MUST make sure that your telephone number is prominent and always visible

One of the main purposes of a web site is as a 24/7 marketing tool. Would you place an advert in a newspaper and not tell your readers how to get in touch?

You need to give your visitors every conceivable manner to get in touch; email, telephone, mobile, fax, post, form

Give your customers a choice not an excuse

You don’t have to answer the phone yourself

We don’t really understand why you wouldn’t want your customers to call you, but the main reason we find is the time to answer the phone when you are busy doing whatever it is you do.

This is easy. You don’t have to answer the phone yourself, there are many services that can answer your phone for you professionally, take the call, deal with your customers and then tell you about it.

You can then just to deal with the specifics at a time when you are more able to do so.

So, STOP making excuses

So, stop making excuses and start doing business the right way.

Put yourself into your customers shoes and see how they would feel if they you couldn’t get in touch with your business under their terms.

Personally we won’t do business with anyone who doesn’t want us to contact them.

So just ask yourself “How many people do I not know about, that haven’t done business with us, becuase they couldn’t just call us?”