One of your hardest tasks you will have to do when creating your web site is writing the actual web page content that encourages visitors to buy your products and services. It isn’t enough to say that you sell the “best widgets on the web” or have the “largest selection of left-handed wotnots”. You have to credibly explain to visitors why they need your product and why they should buy it from you. Use page content to sell the benefits, not the features.

So, What’s The Difference?

Basically, as follows:

  • Features: Characteristics that physically describe your product or service. These are the technical specifications, for example the miles per gallon of a car.
  • Benefits: Describes how the product or service will help the customer solve their problem. Tells the customer what they will gain by using the product.

Naturally, both of these components are important and should be clearly explained on your web site. You just need to make sure that you understand which one goes where when you create your page content.

Use Benefits To Educate The Customer

Selling the features of a product is an easier task and that’s why you shouldn’t do it. Listing a technical specification from a box is easy, writing benefits is not.

Selling benefits is much harder. It requires more knowledge about the product, insight into the targeted customer base, more imagination, and better writing skills. This is why is will set you apart from the rest who just list the features as it shows you as an authority.

Selling benefits requires a great deal of customer education. You have to clearly explain why these features enhance the product and thus the user’s experience.

Consider a customer who has just heard about MP3 players. Initially they will want to understand the benefits of one not the specific features. Your copy should answer their probable questions:

  1. Why would I want one?
  2. What can I do with it?
  3. Why is this one better than the others?

As you answer these questions, you need to understand and draw upon the product’s features, though you are presenting the information with a slightly different slant.


You need to keep a balance of benefits and features and consider both of your target audiences. Some customers will want to jump right to the technical information, so make sure it’s easy to find! Others are here for the first time and are unsure if this product or service is right for them so selling them a benefit will help to convince them they should take that step.

Distinguish yourself from competitors with comparisons and explain why your service is better. If you offer free shipping, hassle-free returns, a free-phone number for questions or technical support, then make sure customers know this. These are great benefits that aren’t always easy to find.

This probably sounds like you have to write a lot of content – and you do! People come to web sites to seek information and you need to make sure that you give them exactly what they want.