Writing articles and publishing them on your website helps you, your site and your pagerank in so many ways.

Everyone likes to read about their favourite topic. Wouldn’t it be great if it was you writing it and your website they were reading it on.

  • It helps you to demonstrate that you know your particular subject and sector inside out
  • It helps to build a community about your sector
  • It gives people a reason to visit your website again and again to check out new articles
  • It allows you to keep your content fresh and talk about current and popular topics
  • It gives search engines more content to rank your website with

Clarke Design has a range of articles on our website (like the one you’re reading now) and this has helped us establish our expertise in website design with many of our customers and potentials. It has increased our Google ranking and moved us up the search engine ladder.

We track all of our article hits and know that over the past 9 months we”ve had over 75,000 individual articles hits through our website.

Do your website a favour and write about your favourite topic and get it posted on your website (so long as it”s relevant)