We get people all the time saying that they don’t rank in the search engines or that they do not appear in Google when they type something in to the search box. So we ask them what they are typing in, and they usually come up with some random string of words that they’ve suddenly thought of that they should be appearing in the search results for.

So why then do they think that they should rank well for this new phrase?

Search engines are relatively simple things, once you get the basics right and that’s where many people get confused.

They’ll say “when I type ‘plastering contractors Cheshire’ into Google, my website isn’t even listed!!”

That’s very simple we reply. You don’t mention the phrase ‘plastering contractors Cheshire’ anywhere on your website, so how would a search engine possibly know to show your website when this phrase is searched for?

The reply then is usually the same after we tell them why they are not appearing. “So can you add that phrase in then, so that we appear at the top?”

If only it were that easy.

First Things First

But wait, first things first. Why are you now searching for that particular phrase and not another phrase? Why have you decided on those exact words?

More than likely you think that your new phrase is what people are looking for; but are they? How many people actually type in the new phrase into the major search engines on a daily basis. You’ve got no idea, but you want to rank highly for it. Doesn’t sound like the best plan to us, and it’s not.

Surely a better approach is to determine what people are actually typing into the major search engines and rank well for those phrases. You could have the best website in the world for “left handed spanners”, have it saturated with all of the right keywords and phrases in all of the right places; yet never get a single visitor. That’s because no-one ever types “left handed spanners” into a search engine (they may do by the way – we’re just trying to come up with a quirky seldom used phrase) So if no one ever looks for the phrases you’ve optimised your website for, you’ve wasted your time.

You need to optimise your website for the phrases that your potential customers are typing into the major search engines. Trust us when we say this, that you probably don’t know everything that your customers are typing in to find you. However a good website designer will have the right tools to determine this for you. They can help you to find out the popular phrases and then can help you saturate your website in the right way with these phrases.

Then and only then will you start to rank well for the right phrases that people are using and not the random phrase that you thought people might be typing in.

Do your search engine optimisation the right way around and it will work well for you.