Do you remember that conversation you had several years back with your website designer?

You told them that you wanted to have a content management system on your website so that you could manage the content yourself. You wanted full control over the content so that you could make changes to the site on a regular basis.

Your website developer delivered on this, but sadly since then, you’ve not really put the effort in to actually use your content management system and your site is now out of date; your latest news is now 14 months old, you’ve not added any case studies, testimonials, recent articles, news or anything else recent to your website.

So why should you bother?

If you really don’t know why your website should be as up-to-date as possible, we think you should have a word now with your website developer.

If your latest news is 2 years old, people will rightly assume that you have nothing to say about your business. That you’ve done nothing that is newsworthy for the last 2 years. We know what this says to us; walk away and choose a company that has.

Remember: On the Internet is takes 1 second (or less) to close your website and forget you forever.

You need to demonstrate that you care about your online audience by providing them with recent, relevant and engaging content that they want to read.

So What Can I say?

There is so much you can talk about in your business. Your business is evolving every day and you should be telling your online audience about it.

Talk about your latest projects, clients and customers, provide case studies of work you have just carried out and how you helped your customer, changes to your services, new product lines, company staffing changes, moving premises, canges in your industry, opinions, advice…

There is so much that you are doing in your day to day life within your business. Writing about this on your website demonstrates that you are proactive in your business and that you are changing to keep up with external influences.

Out of date is out of mind

  • If you show your latest news that is 2 years old, you clearly have nothing to say.
  • Showing the new tax rates from three years ago – are you really up-to-date with reality?
  • Having events that people can book onto that have been and gone… I’m moving to the close button…

People will start to yhink that this is just an old website. Maybe you are no longer in business. You clearly don’t care about your online audience. I’ll go and look at someone else’s website instead. Goodbye.

Do yourself a favour

If you’ve got a content managed website, for your own sake USE IT. You paid for it as part of your initial development, so why are you not using it. Your customers will soon be voting with their feet, so do yourself and your business a favour and start using your content management system to update your website and keep your content fresh and relevant.

It is your business, your website and your fault – if you don’t.